Membership 2012

Hey guys,

I was interested in getting more information about the club; specifically any information about memberships next year. I thought I saw on the website that you already have a waiting list, but just wanted to get some details. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Hey man. Glad to help. If you contact Warren Phillips, our Membership Chair, you can get on the wait list. Our renewal will begin on Jan 1st. We expect some percent of turnover, of some members that have not participated much. So we expect to have a fair amount of openings. Its a great club. I'm biased because I am on the board, of course, but what a great group of people involved. We are a family based club so we do a lot to encourage the kids, we support charities, and community improvement projects ie Bushy Park landing. And, we are all becoming better fisherpeople by learning from Ralph Phillips, Andy Pickett, Mike Able Sr, Michael Farmer, Jody Tucker, Doug Connelley and many others. My fishing has taken a giant leap in just the 9 months I have been involved. Plus the discounts you get at local fishing shops pays for the membership price easily.
Any other info I can give you send a PM
Oh yeah, you can get Warren's email by going to and clicking on 'About SSWA'
- Dave

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Greg, I'll second Dave's recommendation. Quality club. I'm proud to be a part of it and think you would be also.

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Well, Vin recently said I could join so you can all blame him when it's said and done approve

I'll be at the meeting on the 8th (right? or is this some new guy prank) and I'm excited to see what's in store.
I'll take that heat! Look forward to meeting you - again! Been awhile! If you're dissappointed, I promise I won't make you join next year!

19.5 Triumph, 115 HP Honda
"Every saint has a past, every sinner a future"