The Hump 6-11

Beautiful day on Saturday. Caught some nice pogies in front of the Monarch. Two cast and plenty of bait. First drop and one nice genuine red snapper released. Very hard to do. After many sharks we caught two decent size Gags. Had a Cobia swim up to the back of the boat and a few minutes later he was in the cooler. Not a huge one but it tasted good. The day got exciting when about a 20lb Mahi swam into our chum line. We had him on for about 2 minutes before he spit the hook. Didn't really expect him in only 85ft of water. Finished the day with a few black sea bass. A little variety and overall a great way to spend your birthday.

Plus we caught about a 30lb King up on a top line that we released hence why I put this on the King Mackerel page.
What tasted better the king, Cobia or Grouper?

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24' Key West 300 yamaha

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