Got2Go 2/17/20...Catfish Smackdown

Took my father in law and 8yr old son to Lake Moultrie for another boys trip with Captain Joseph Dennis. Our last trip with Captain Joe was a very hot crappie bite on a miserably cold morning.

Arrived at the Canal early and as the sun rose, I must say I was a little worried. The water was the color of a YooHoo, current ripping, N/NE winds, fronts coming/going, and 55 degree water. Here we go....

Graphed a few areas and found some good stuff. Immediately started catching but Joe had a look of frustration of sorts. Over the next two hours we caught fish, but Joe kept tweaking the presentation and bait. He kept grinding looking for the missing puzzle piece.
After those excellent first 2hrs, Joe found the combinations that the cats wanted. For the next 2-3hrs, it was a five rod fire drill! Singles, doubles, and tripled, oh my!

Another terrific trip with an excellent man and guide. He was super informative, patient, and has a way with kids.

Thanks again Joe for making our boys trip a success. You got us back safely, we had fun, and made great memories!



Philippians 4:13

Pioneer 197SF

Sounds like a great trip. Good bite considering the water conditions, the fresh water has been tough lately.