,,,,,so here's what I'm thinking, a "No Thread Thursday", where no one posts on a single thread on Thursdays, in hopes Admin sees this and puts a muzzle on the trouble makers, in particular the Porch Dick and the Shunkey.

It might not go so well tomorrow being brand new and all,,,,,,, but in the future Admin will have to notice and "put out a little sweet feed", so to speak and actually do a little overdue moderation.

It might be too late, even Fred looks like he's packing his schitt and heading for the door following way too many others who have left, mostly due to the actions of a few.

Most of you fellows are too nice to join in the encouragement of "Keeping the Shun" or "Pity the Porch Dick", but here is a way to make a statement.

So anyway, I say lets try No Thread Thursdays and see what happens. I have a plan, this is step one.

Thanks for the click and your consideration



Why is "Staff" trying to muzzle CF ?Originally posted by poly ball-Upper Management

I believe CFC put EF'er in a time out, and are actually trying to muzzle him... Must be miserable working with him, and it is quite entertaining none of his co-workers agrees with him, or they would assist with his efforts in establishing a CFC cancel culture... That's essentially the end goal for EF'er... He wants to be in control, but he isn't and he is very frustrated... Hence, why he has so many meltdowns here... Must be a joy at home...

Comes across as someone who'd have a meltdown over someone leaving the toothpaste cap off...

Here's my opinion..
Too much bullshit.
**** all the drama time to hit delete.

You find things offensive.
I find things funny.
That's why I'm happier than you.

22 life's a day

Wow, this joint hasn't had this much activity/posting/traffic since last Thursday...