North bb 10/21

5 shrimp. Where they at? Nice decent muddy water that’s it. 9am to 2. Any luck at crab bank? Somebody talk to me.

Shrimped middle of the bay Monday and Tuesday......perfect conditions. Muddy water. Minimal wind. Occasional shrimp jumping as we rode along. We were out behind the sandbar which extends along the seaward side of the bay . Caught 1 gal, heads off, each day. Big shrimp but they never turned on. What gives?
We worked our tails off last night at Crab Bank for about 1/2 cooler. Also deep-holed for a while before and didn't get much there either. Haven't had much success in the bay or the harbor this year.
Well hopefully there’s always next year. Just glad to be back in the bay.