Hot Trout Bite 11/13

01/19/22 5:13


Hot Trout Bite 11/13
11/17/21 19:36

Fished two hours of falling tide and the entire incoming this past Saturday. Caught 17 trout, mostly around 13-14 inches but a few in the 16-17 inch range. We caught them around grass points and oyster bars, on all kinds of artificial lures. We had the most luck on DOA shrimp under popping corks, but we also caught a few on swimming Trout tricks and one on a Gulp shrimp.

A front blew in midway through Saturday and gave them lockjaw, but Sunday gave us another 20 trout. For whatever reason, the fish were much smaller on average on Sunday, averaging around 11 inches. The same tactics were producing though, so if you can get out there the artificial bite is hot.

Tight lines y'all!

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11/18/21 12:51

I know people use the DOAs under corks with success a lot, but I just can't get confidence in it for some reason. I've caught plenty with DOA on the bottom. I love the suspending baits this time of year as I feel like I can work those at any depth and/or speed. I know its all in my head, but I'm going to try the DOA under a cork again soon.

FYI, there was still a TON of bait sized shrimp in my creeks this past weekend. I was trolling through shallow spots and they were jumping in the boat. The reds should be schooling up soon and I can't wait!

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11/18/21 15:23

Good rapport..
When it comes to a popping cork. I'm more of a voodoo then a DOA guy.

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11/19/21 13:58

Nice report, thanks for sharing! I have a friend who loves throwing curly tails lures for trout. Chartreuse or it ain't no use on the tail... it's the tail that gets em to
Savage and VooDoo are my vote for shrimp lures.

Edit: SF, the spottails are schooling now, spooked 2 nice schools yesterday. It's that timethumbsUp

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