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 Black []

(Mycteroperca bonaci)  aka Carbuerita

 Coney (Red Phase) []

(Epinephelus fulvus)

 Gag []

(Mycteroperca microlepis) aka Black Grouper, Grey Grouper

 Red []

(Epinephelus morio)

 Red Hind / Graysby []

(Epinephelus guttatus)

 Rock Hind []

(Epinephelus adscensionis) aka Strawberry Grouper

 Scamp / Yellowmouth []
Scamp - (Mycteroperca phenax) aka Broomtail
Yellow Mouth - (Mycteroperca interstitialis)

 Snowy []

(Epinephelus niveatus)

Snowy Grouper (An exception to the norm)

 Speckled Hind []

(Epinephelus drummondhayi) aka Kitty Mitchell

 Warsaw []

(Epinephelus nigritus)

 Yellowedge []

(Epinephelus flavolimbatus)

 Yellowfin []

(Mycteroperca venenosa) aka Fireback


 Cottonwick []

(Haemulon melanurum)

 Margate []

(Haemulon album)

 Pigfish []

(Orthopristis chrysoptera)

 Tomtate []

(Haemulon aurolineatum)

 White Grunt []

(Haemulon plumieri)


 Jack Comparison []

(The "Boot")

Note: Lesser Amberjack are typically caught in deep water (300+ feet)

Greater Amberjack

Banded Rudderfish

Juvenille Greater Amberjack

Lesser Amberjack

 African Pompano []

(Alectis ciliaris)

 Almaco/Lesser Amberjack []

(Seriola rivloiana) aka-Bar Jack

 Banded Rudderfish []

(Seriola zonata)

 Blue Runner []

(Caranx crysos)

 Crevalle Jack []

(Caranx hippos)

 Greater Amberjack []

(Seriola dumerili)

 Lesser Amberjack []

(Seriola fasciata)

 Rainbow Runner []

(Elagatis bipinnulata)

 Yellow Jack []

(Caranx bartholomaei) - (Note: This is an uncommon species off South Carolina)


 Atlantic Bonito []

(Sarda sarda)

 Spanish-King []

(Scomberomorus maculatus)

 Jolthead []

(Calamus bajonado) - (Note: This is an uncommon species off South Carolina)

 Knobbed []

(Calamus nodosus) - aka Jolthead

 Littlehead []

(Calamus proridens)

 Red []

(Pagrus pagrus) aka Silver Snapper, Pinky
(Note: This is the only species of porgy that has an oval rear nostril)

 Scup []

(Stenotomus chrysops) aka Sailors Choice

 Sheepshead []

(Archosargus probatocephalus)

 Spottail Pinfish []

(Diplodus holbrooki)
aka Ringtail

 Whitebone []

(Calamus leucosteus) - aka Chocolate Porgy


 Atlantic Sharpnose (Small Coastal) []

(Rhizoprionodon terraenovae)

Second dorsal is black stripped No interdorsal ridge
 Black Nose (Small Coastal) []

(Carcharhinus acronotus)

Dorsal originates behind pectoral fins. 2nd dorsal and anal fin have no markings.
Lacks interdorsal ridge. Dusky blotch at tip of snout more prominent in juveniles.
 Black Tip (Large Coastal) []

(Carcharhinus limbatus)

2nd dorsal is black tipped


Anal fin is white




Pectoral fin is black tipped.

 Finetooth (Small Coastal) []

(Carcharhinus isodon)

2nd dorsal and anal fin have no coloration.
 Sandbar (Large Coastal) []

(Carcharhinus plumbeus)

Interdorsal ridge

Large dorsal fin originating over the midpoint pec fins.

Unlike the silky, short rear tip of 2nd dorsal fin
 Silky (Large Coastal) []

(Carcharhinus falciformis)

Long posterior tip on both dorsal and anal fin. Anal fin is black tipped.
Interdorsal Ridge

 Spinner (Large Coastal) []

(Carcharhinus brevipinna)

No interdorsal ridge. 2nd dorsal and anal fin black tipped.

Dorsal fin is black tipped.

 Snapper Comparision []

 Creole/Vermillion []

(Note: Creole Fish is not actually a snapper, but rather in the bass family)

Yellowish tinge on dorsal fin

 Cubera []

(Lutjanus cyanopterus)

 Dog []

(Lutjanus jocu)

 Gray []

(Lutjanus griseus)
aka Mangrove Snapper

 Hogfish []

(Lachnolaimus maximus) - aka Hog Snapper

 Lane []

(Lutjanus synagris) - aka Harbor Snapper

 Mutton []

(Lutjanus analis)

 Red []

(Lutjanus campechanus)
aka AM Red, Genuine, Chicken Snapper

 Spotfin Hogfish []

(Bodianus pulchellus)

 Yellowtail []

(Ocyurus chrysurus)

 Albacore []

(Thunnus alalunga)

 Blackfin-Yellowfin []

(Thunnus atlanticus)

 Little Tunny []

(Euthynnus alletteratus) - aka Bonita, False Albacore

 Skipjack []

(Euthynnus pelamis)

 Bank Sea Bass []

(Centropristis ocyurus)

 Bigeye []

(Priacanthus arenatus) - aka Toro

 Golden/Blueline Tilefish []

Golden Tilefish (Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps)
Blueline Tilefish
(Caulolatilus microps) - aka Grey Tile

 Gray Triggerfish []

(Balistes capriscus) - aka Leatherjack

 Longtail Bass []

(Hemanthias leptus) - aka Harbor Snapper

 Mutton Hamlet []

(Epinephelus afer)

 Painted Wrasse []

(Halichoeres caudalis)

 Queen Triggerfish []

(Balistes vetula)

 Sand Perch/Black Sea Bass []

Sand Perch (Diplectrum formosum)
Black Sea Bass (Centropristis striata) - aka Blackfish

 Sand Tilefish []

(Malacanthus plumieri) - aka Slippery Dick

 Spinycheek Scorpionfish / Blackbelly Rosefish []

Spinycheek Scorpionfish (Neomerinthe hemingwayi)
Blackbelly Rosefish
(Helicolenus dactylopterus)

 Squirrelfish []

(Holocentrus adscensionis)

Photos and info courtesy of: Robert Wiggers, Fisheries Biologist
Office of Fisheries Management, SCDNR

Please Note: These photos are for general informational purposes and have no legal force or effect.