"Creek Rat" 14 ft jon boat build (COMPLETE! 8-23)

After some convincing by Cracker Larry, I got the plans for the GF14 from http://www.bateau.com. I want to build it for inshore fishing and beating around and whatnot so she'll get a work boat finish. My epoxy and fiberglass just got here and I've got my work space set up. I've even got van bench seats for the ladies to come hang out and watch me work. I recently got a fancy camera and am itching to use it so expect quite a few pictures.

I did a rebuild on a 13ft Malibu a couple years ago and that's what really got me inspired to build this new boat. You can check out the pictures at this link (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.528207271695.2030656.46403067&type=3&l=86f489a40c). I plan to make a photo album on my Facebook and use it to host the pictures to post on this here forum.

Now I'm just waiting for that plywood to get here so I can get to building.

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I'm very seriously considering starting my own build, the FS18.

I'm building an FS18 now, if you have any questions about it I'm glad to help.

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Keep it up Rap, I love these boat building threads!

I'm very seriously considering starting my own build, the FS18.

Do it! I'll be moving back to Charleston in September and will be itching to help with the whole process. That'd be a great boat for around the Lowcountry. I was also looking at the FS18, OB17 (cut down and built more like a bay boat), or the PH22 one day down the line.
If I decide to do it, I will probably wait until this winter to start. Too busy right now to begin a project of that magnitude, and I'll be headed back down to Antarctica in late September for a few months.


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I was able to get the rest of the cleats glued, extra partitions and cleats for the foamed compartments cut and the rub rails glued today. All of our staff is here now and we've been pretty heavy into the staff training so I've been quite busy!

The cleats are glued and cut in the bow platform. I need to install and glue a backing for the bow eye and bow line cleat shortly.

Also, Zman baits donated a few boxes of lures, dredges, skirts, plastic ballyhoo, squids, and more to us down here at the Florida Sea Base! We're ever thankful and I can't wait to start dragging these bad boys next week! It's always good when a such a great company is so generous for a good cause.

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yeah, that dude sitting on your van seat leaves a little to be desired after the read, but aside from that, this thread is cool.
Page two, rapper capt.

Keep it up!

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I've gotten my motorwell, midseat and bow compartment pieces cut and cleats glued and are cleaning them up with the sander today. I flipped the hull and put the bottom on, and it was only a little bit off but i was able to get everything lined up and shaped up enough for my liking. I also added two strips of 3/4" x 1 1/2" SYP to the bow transom to continue the rub rail around the front as I find that I like to run into stuff like docks, piers, pylons, etc. I'm getting it shaped up and filling in all my screw holes with epoxy glue today and hopefully will be ready to lay the inside glass this week.

not too much of a gap between the sides and bottom.

put the bottom on, taped it, screwed it and it fits!

Small gap between the bow transom and the bow platform

gluing cleat on the bow compartment divider for the foam and the extra rubrail on the bow so I can ram ****.

One of my buddies OD'ed and passed away yesterday so having today off and a little boat building has helped me keep my mind on more positive things. It's a terrible situation and I know his family has been going through tough times lately. I just hope this is a wake up call to some of our other friends to get their act together and clean it up. He had been getting everything straight for a while and just made a stupid mistake.
I love those homemade clamps. I will keep that in mind.

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Saw the finished product. Nice job! That boat will see some flats!

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I've been pretty busy since my last posting. I've got the interior glassed and sanded and about ready for fairing this next week. I've got my hatches cut in the bow compartment and mid seat (next round of pictures...) and the drains cut and I'm close to glassing the PVC ripped in half to the deck under the compartments. I've got a can of Bilgekote for the bow hatch, midseat and rear hatch. Instead of putting the fuel tank in the bow as I had planned before, I've decided to keep it in the middle seat accessible from the stern. I got a water tight, locking hatch for the rear deck and have my motor well and foam compartments about ready to be finished. I've been covered in fiberglass dust for the past week and it SUCKS!