If you participate in this forum MUST READ

I don't have a problem letting you guys argue about politics here this page was created to keep this off of the rest of the site. I don't read this forum and rely mostly on the people that do to let me know when something gets out of hand.

We will not tolerate anyone threatening anyone else with any type of violence kidding or not kidding. This goes for blatant and veiled threats alike.

If you choose to do so I will immediately remove you from the site. If it becomes a problem I am more than happy to get rid of this page and not allow any politics anywhere on the site.

"night RBF, love ya' as always....smile
"night RBF, love ya' as always....smileOriginally posted by Mixed Nutz

You too Uncle Nutz... Tell the family RBF says hello, and you folks have a fun and safe 4th!

Catch up with you later...


No, many military choose not to vote because they are too lazy to.
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Will do, y'all too!!