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Had the trolling motor and electronics sent to them with the agreement they would install on new boat. They had it all for several weeks with the understanding I would be there on certain date to accept delivery. Long story short. they had the box of electronics and stuff they signed for sitting on showroom floor in open box. SD card for charts, 189.00, went missing from box.

Should I push them to file police report of missing SD card? Push them for reimbursement? Not just the money but the principle. They aren't offering anything unless I push it I feel.

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Wait, so they left YOUR electronics out in the open, and a part was stolen from the box...and they are not accepting responsibility? Are you/they even sure it was stolen and wasn't in the box to begin with? Did they install the card in someone else's electronics?

Police report? NO...how about good business and admitting your fallacies and accepting responsibility for your actions. They should replace the card and move on. What's a police report going to do?

You should push them to install what you paid for and sent them, even if that means they have to eat the money for the stolen part.

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Yeah, they signed for it. Left it open box out on the floor. They're "looking for it". Guess I'll let them look for another day or so but at some point it could get prickly. I was thinking police report for insurance purposes. Their insurance! Probably not worth filing a claim.

As in any fairly complicated business transaction, things aren't perfect but I'm not going to let it go either. They should have secured it better IMO. Easy for envelope sized thingy to go missing. They commented, "Why would anyone want to steal that!?" Huh!? Easy to download on lots of Garmins that's why.

I will wait to see how it shakes out before I start slinging mud.

Keep your nose in the wind and your eyes along the skyline.
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