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Media has a 91% negative coverage of Trump.

Like no one knew this already. Glad not everyone believes everything the media feeds us. Wish more would wake up to the bias in news reporting.

Also new poll is saying President has one of the most Rock Solid bases of any past president.

Now let's get to the bottom of our crooked FBI leaders.

Why Bruce?... the ramblings of a disillusioned Hillary supporter.
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I believe Fred could witness trump pissing on an old homeless lady, and he'd tell him he's doing a hell of a job, really soaking her.

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keep on repeating what you read in russia today though, bubba.

I guess you can still be bubba even though you are in maryland?

so im tole

So I'm told, he prefers Bo to Bubba. wink But would accept either in a friendly setting.
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Weasel Schiff & his lying news media are so desperate they have created a new narrative of collusion between Nunes & Trump, but here's the truth:

c/p Byron York of the Washington Examiner reported, “Just talked with House Intel source. Said total changes to memo were: A) Unknown number of ‘grammatical and clarifying’ fixes. B) One change requested by FBI due to sources & methods concerns. C) One two-word change requested by Democrats for accuracy. House Intel GOP statement”

Will the FBI's integrity ever be renewed?

You don't remember this?

keep on repeating what you read in russia today though, bubba.

I guess you can still be bubba even though you are in maryland?

so im tole

You can call me by my name Pete but I have duo residencies in Md. & SC & not afraid to disclose or hide unlike many who do on here.

Nunes' memo was based on facts uncovered in NSA Director Mike Rogers' investigation in 2016. You can keep repeating the pressitutes talking points if you wish or try some critical thinking by reviewing the facts. This may help you do that, although I find debating a mind-numbed liberal too exhausting for a minimal amount of entertainment:

Have a wonderful day RBF.
Nashville Dem. Mayor Barry used tax $ to support her affair with the local police Sgt. including trips to Paris & Athens. Some would call this socialism sex.

Haiti prisons are operating at 454% capacity for number 1 in the world spot. Does this make it a sheep's hole or should we open our arms for their dreamers?

Fisher Sand & Gravel may win bid to build 700 miles of southern border wall with 11 billion bid.

Al-Quaeda in Idlib Province of Syria has downed a Russian SU-25 warplane, pilot ejected but was killed by jihadists.

McCabe is now under investigation for suppressing evidence of Weiner's emails until after the election but some say he's non-partisan.....yeah right.

Comey signed a FISA application using the same dossier he publicly called "Salaicous & Unverified". He's a real non-partisan right? Maybe he hated Trump worse than Steele, Rosenstein, McCabe, Yates, Ohr HRC & Hussein O.

Don't forget Sec. of Defense, Evelyn Farkas saying get as much intelligence as you can before Pres. Hussein O leaves so John Kerry gave classified docs to Ben Cardin for a back-up dossier.

WaPo, NYT, CNN, Yahoo & Mother Jones have all been exposed as deep state propaganda puppets after it was revealed a treasonous effort by democrats to use intelligence agencies to rig an election & overturn the will of the forgotten men & women.

Chants of criminal prosecutions of top FBI & DOJ officials. Nunes says prepare for Phase Two.

Woods says it best:

So Obama’s government, the #DNC, and members of the #MSM all conspired to fix a presidential election by deceiving a secret court allowed to spy on American citizens? Russians couldn’t have done a better job destroying sacred American institutions than #Democrats have.

Memo proves everything we've been saying. The Obama administration was in bed with the clinton campaign to abuse the power of government in an effort to to sabotage Trump's campaign.

The entire "Russian collusion" narrative is a hoax.

Voters need to remember Democrats did not just spy and attack Trump, they attacked the voting choices of millions of Americans

Remember that article around June 2016 that said the CIA could hack computers and make it look like Russia did it?
Then remember around August 2016 that Indians foiled a hack and traced it to DHS?
Could it be BHO, HRC & Democrats tried to hack the election, not Russia?

The judge at the FISA court should be questioned..the FBI and all of our intelligence agencies that gave this bogus information to the judge..need to be prosecuted!

Can you see me now? Im blending in right?

One of the Dems twice deported dreamers just killed Colt's linebacker Edwin Jackson but they'll probably shut the guvmint down again thursday if they don't get an amnesty deal with Arizona senile rino senator Juan McCain.

Anyone know how much money FBI dirty cop Ohr's wife got for the hoax dossier work she did for HRC while employed by Fusion GPS? Wonder what their pillow talk was about? Probably different talk now since they're facing treason charges?

Treason you say, now Adam Schiff is being reported as a leaker of classified documents just like Hussein O cabal members Comey, Brennan & Clapper. Man, they will have to put an addition on Gitmo for all the dem's criminals.

Schiff you say, I wonder how he got along with his brother in-law Robert Soros, you know George's son? No wonder weasel Schiff is where he is.

Democrats continue their war on women, Ben Cardin just filed for re-election against Chelsea Manning. I bet Maude Behar will give Ben a piece of her mind tomorrow on The View.

Looks like a second special council is coming to investigate the FBI & DOJ actions during the 2016 Presidential campaign. I wonder if we told the libs that 17 guvmint agencies have concluded that the DNC, HRC, FBI & DOJ were all complicit in treasonous acts against Trump that they would finally believe it to be true like when HRC said it during the campaign?

Won't be long now before Hussein O's fingerprints will be on a prayer rug.
Chinese soldiers must really want to see the Olympics cuz there's 300,000 of them along the N & S Korean border.

Adam Schiff tried to buy naked pictures of Trump from a Russian. Probably wanted them for a retirement gift for bat sheet crazy Pelosi.

Wisconsin democrats now say photo voter IDs are free & easy so I'm guessing dems will want them for all elections going forward.

Trump has created a National Vetting Center to help protect Americans from dreamers that don't wish to assimilate or just come here for the free ice cream the dems offer them for their votes.

In Cranston, RI., a court has rules that the town does not have to pay promised pensions to public sector retirees. I betting this northeast town has been controlled by lib dems who squandered the confiscated money on SJW programs.
"Adam Schiff tried to buy naked pictures of Trump from a Russian. Probably wanted them for a retirement gift for bat sheet crazy Pelosi."

That's the exact kind of thing he and the Democrats are saying should be investigated for Russian collusion to manipulate the election. So where is the call for his investigation?

But this is even weirder than collusion. He wanted to see Trump naked? That's twisted.

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What should be investigated is the fact that Adam Schiff was willing to talk to a Russian stranger on an unsecured phone about Our President and possible Russian Collusion.

Just shows how desperate and hateful the left has become using Prank Calls to slander our President. Bad thing is Captbobocheese probably just assumed this was real news like so many other things. These kinds of people need to learn to think for themselves.

Adam Schiff Epically Punked Looking for Naked Pics of Donald Trump. ... a prank phone call by Russian comedians who offered to give him 'compromising' dirt on Donald Trump – including nude photos of the president and a Russian reality show star. ..

There's a mass exodus from California & movers are citing their reasons as sancutary state status & politics.

After the US bombed Syria, Israel started with it & 1 of their jets was downed. Looks like the Neocon warhawks will get their war.

Dems sent President a memo with confidential secrets they knew couldn't be released just to scream about partianship transparency. Supportive media propagandists screamed as well while they ignore the Grassley memo of truth.

DOJ rat holdovers are resigning as IG Horowitz closes his net. David Laufman & Rachel Brand just bailed because they were involved in the Hussein O cabal with HRC.

Reports are leaking out that SES senior managers of FBI involved in HRC's email scandal are sweating over IG Horowitz's investigation & some are ready to talk. Yikes! #LockHerUp

Hussein O's US Deputy Asst. SOS Jonathon Winer has confirmed Steele & HRC's Sidney Blumenthal created the peegate dossier & Grassley has evidence Steele lied to the FBI. Steele has disappeared & skipped his UK court hearing last Monday. HRC paid Steele 168K for the hoax dossier.

The CIA paid 100K for a video of Trump in Moscow participating in peegate. Where's that video? Tax payers should be able to view it since they paid the 100K.

FBI dirty cop Strozk textes show he knew HRC Bleachbitted her server the same week she did it but Strozk did nothing about it however the FBI got a FISA warrant to wiretap Trump by lying on the request.

Hussein O's IG Inspector Charles McCollough was fired by the cabal for exposing HRC's email scandal in 2016. I bet CNN is dying to interview him during prime time.

Looks like FBI's Bill Priestap who was dirty cop Strozk boss is the only agent left with honor & integrity & is revealing the Obama cabal.

The democratic party has the most corrupt cabal in place continuing its platform of hate & Un-American activities. #LockUptheObamaCabal for sedition & treason
The hate platform has stooped to sending white powder substance to the President's family.

Don Bouvet went in person to thank Trump for saving his life.

Lib's media is only interested in Rob Porter to force John Kelly out of the white house to check their box for an administration in chaos when they have zero interest in Obama rats resigning over IG Horowitz's investigation. Remember when the dems supported Sherrod Brown & Tom Carper after allegations of wife beatings?

What would happen to one of the conservatives on SCOTUS if they said something similar to what Maxine Waters Ginsberg said about HRC's election loss recently while speaking at Columbia University? I guess the ole bat took off her justice blindfold long enough for a little political activism rant.

A recent drone shot down by Israel was a copy of the U S RQ-170 captured by Iran in 2011. Hussein O told Iran it belonged to him, they'd better give it back or he'd tell his NATO buddies. And that's how you lead from behind.

Did CNN or MSNBC report on 3 Dem Congressman attending a dinner with Iranian President Rouhani & Screwy Louie Farrakhan in 2013? I guess they're too busy with Russian hoes peeing in a bed where Obama slept.

Burnt out Bobby De Niro says all critical thinking citizens will eventually learn that global warming was the greatest hoax perpetuated on Americans while he spoke yesterday at Dubia's World Guvmint Summit. I missed De Niro's appointment.

Obama's portrait is a tribute to his Choom Gang days & surrounds him in weed. The artist, Kehinde Wiley is best known for his paintings of black women beheading white women. How fitting.

Grassley just uncovered an email from Susan Rice implicating Obama, Comey & Sally Yates in the Trump/Russia collusion investigation which was all based on a bogus dossier, paid for by HRC, & used to obtain a FISA warrant. They should all be in jail for sedition & treason.

If every one gets an electric car who will pay the gas tax to build roads for it to buzz around on between 10 hour charges from fossil fuel powered electric plants?