Hot off the Press...

Media has a 91% negative coverage of Trump.

Like no one knew this already. Glad not everyone believes everything the media feeds us. Wish more would wake up to the bias in news reporting.

Also new poll is saying President has one of the most Rock Solid bases of any past president.

Now let's get to the bottom of our crooked FBI leaders.

Why Bruce?... the ramblings of a disillusioned Hillary supporter.
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I believe Fred could witness trump pissing on an old homeless lady, and he'd tell him he's doing a hell of a job, really soaking her.

A US jet recently destroyed a Russian T-72 battle tank in Syria killing 3 pro-regime fighters & US led forces have also killed around 200 Russian mercenaries. How's that Trump Putin bromance blooming?

Trump's budget proposes to eliminate funding for PBS & NPR. CNN is laying off people. What will we do for fake news?

Any news on HRC donor Ed Buck's wrongful death lawsuit of his male escort? Any news on HRC's running mate's son who was arrested for his Antifa terrorism activities? Maybe PBS, NPR & CNN reported on them which is the reason they're going out of business?

Does DNC chair Keith Ellison still support Antifa? Maybe Senator Kaine would answer that if CNN did an ambush interview on him?

HRC's guy pal Tariq Ramadan, who she personally vouched for, to allow him entry into the US, even though he had known ties to the muslim brotherhood, has been charged with multiple rapes, some of his victims were 14 years old. Wonder if he was one of Anthony Weiner's students, another close friend of HRC?

Do libs on here agree with Joy Behar's public statements mocking VP Pence's Christian faith also saying he was mentally ill? When will you libs & your heroes quit with your platform of hate?

Will the come back of the "Roseanne" show make it cool to support Trump like when libs thought it was cool to support Obama because he snuck smokes, bragged about his drug use, bi-sexuality & his muslim religion? Or will it get canceled like Tim Allen? We can't have any opposing views now can we?

Its now clear, since the uncovering of Susan Rice's emails, that Obama, Biden, Rice, Yates & Comey are all complicit in the illegal spying of the Trump campaign & that Comey lied to Congress on 6/8/17 during testimony to Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. When will the Obama cabal be arrested & prosecuted for sedition & treason?

Are former AG Eric Holder's contempt charges still pending? Is there a warrant for his arrest? If things don't change it kinda looks like Bernie will be in Iowa, since all the dems are under hate investigations.

FBI's Agent Ohr failed to disclose his wife's payments from Fusion GPS & Ohr never obtained a conflict of interest waiver from his superiors. Since Mueller caught the Russian election meddlers maybe he will now file charges on Ohr?

Dem Corruptocrat congressional candidate, the prominent transgender Julie Germanotta has been busted for grand larceny. Too early to tell if they have another transgender to replace this one but there's an active search at all major surgery centers.

Rick Gates, just like Flynn, is out of money trying to defend against a witch hunter with unlimited tax dollars fund, has decided to take a plea deal. Maybe Mueller will find Russian number 14.

A new judge in the Flynn case has served Mueller with a Brady Order. Maybe Gates should speak with him?

Russians charged in the Mueller probe organized anti-Trump rallies in Charlotte, NC on 11/19/17 & in NYC on 11/12/16. You think the Russians are responsible for the current hate platform of libs, leftists & democrats?

Should Mueller investigate Obama for using your tax dollars in sending a team to meddle in Israel's election?

Dems running for office are avoiding Rapist Bill & saying they don't want to be seen with him while campaigning. Should Mueller investigate Rapist Bill for meddling in HRC's email scandal on the tarmac?

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow, was 1 0f 17 murdered by the mentally ill shooter at her Florida school, was photographed in a Trump shirt, while searching for his daughter, just after the shooting. Trump haters took to Twitter & posted vile slurs about Mr. Pollack & President Trump. Is nothing sacred? Do Trump haters hate Trump more than they love our country? You haters have got to stop.
Idaho now offers Freedom Blue Standard Health Care insurance saving customers 26 to 66%, depending on their age, when compared to equivalent Obamacare coverage. When asked, Pelosi said those savings were just crumbs & people need to stay on Obamacare so we can control them.

Kim Dotcom stated the DNC was not hacked because an insider stole the info on a memory stick. His lawyers have written to Mueller TWICE without any replies. Could it be that Mueller is afraid the thief is murder victim Seth Rich? Or maybe the evidence will reveal the Obama/Clinton cabal were complicit? Since his Russian collusion investigation is a NOTHINGBURGER don't you think he should investigate sedition & treason committed by the Obama cabal?

How come we aren't hearing news reports that the Obama cabal actually created 4 fake Trump dossiers?

Reports indicate all charges against Flynn will be dropped based on confirmed reports that during a LEO teleconference McCabe stated, "first we f*** Flynn, then we f*** Trump". Can't wait for Access Hollywood to play that tape on air.

It seems Mueller's nothingburger revealed Russian organized anti-Trump rallies had attendance in the thousands, including Michael Moore, compared to Russian organized pro-Trump rallies with attendance of 31 people. Tell me again who are more easy to fool & believe fake news?

The same day 17 were killed in a Florida school almost 300 died by taking FDA approved medications while over a million kids are on psychiatric drugs but the NRA is responsible for mass shootings. How much money did the NRA give Chicago candidates where the No Gun Zones & No Guns Period are working so effectively?

The libs continue their war on women as actor Michael Rappaport & NBA's Lebron James hurl obsenity filled rants at Laura Ingraham's conservative views. I wonder if Joy Behar will rant on The View that Rappaport & James are suffering from a form of mental illness?

Got a question, how come Obama doesn't book flights for all BLM members, supporters & leftists & fly them to Libya, to protest actual slavery?

If he doesn't act soon Black History month will be over!
Keep em coming! I hope the Idaho Blue Cross takes root and we are somehow allowed to shop U.S. wide for our insurance.

We need to get you a gig on the morning news.
Betsy DeVos donates her $199,700 salary to charities like President Trump also does. Can someone post the folks in the Obama administration that donated their salaries?

CNN's Wolf Blitzer ambushed Mueller, stuck a mic in his face & screamed, "Mr. Mueller please explain your efforts to interfere in the 2012 presidential election regarding your cooperation with Lois Lerner and the IRS."

The first school shooting was in 1893, from then until 1989, there were a total of 8 school shootings with 60 deaths, some of those deaths were caused by government officials. In 1990 Joe Biden brought his Gun Free School Zone Act to Congress & GW Bush signed it. Since 1990 there have been 15 school shootings with 199 deaths which is why the libs vilify the NRA.

Dem controlled San Francisco spends 30 million a year cleaning human poop from city streets. Why aren't they recycling it into fertilizer for their community garden?

Libs want you to believe the $46,000 spent by Russian trolls had more influence on the presidential election than the 2.4 billion wasted by the candidates.

After an exhaustive search, the media can't find one Florida student who is Pro-Trump, Pro 2nd Amendment or Pro-Gun. I guess they are the stupid ones eating Tide Pods, playing video games or being coached for agenda driven interviews.
Did you know the Aussies were fined $14,500 for interfering in the 2016 presidential election? They sent operatives to the U.S. who worked hand in hand with democrats to spew anti-Trump hatred. Why did Mueller indict Russians who did the same thing but simply fined the Aussies? I guess HRC's reset button worked for Australia.

Informant Wm. Campbell is testifying to congress now about the Uranium One scandal & sunlight is shining on HRC's pay for play Clinton Foundation scheme which makes her as guilty as the Florida shooter. It will be neat to watch Dirty Cop Mueller squirm during his testimony trying to say he wasn't aware of HRC's wrongdoing when he approved it.

CNN's newest poster boy, anti-gun, Trump-hater David Hogg's mother, Rebecca Boldrick, has high level connections at CNN & she's an avowed democrat Trump hater that posts her activism on FB for your review. There's another report that CNN wouldn't allow one of the survivors to ask his question at the town hall meeting regarding Veterans being hired to protect the schools while armed.

Broward Co. Sheriff, avowed democrat, Scott Israel wants to change the flag color code from red to neon orange because he feels that 1 neon orange flag would cause immediate legal actions to be taken versus the 39 red flag incidents involved in the Florida shooter's cases. Maybe that orange neon flag could have NRA logo on it?

Joy Behar says the best way to stop mass shootings is to disarm all democrats.
There are 3 million teachers currently armed & some have CCW permits but Gun Free Zones prevent them from being able to defend their classrooms or themselves.

Butler Co., Ohio offered teacher sign up to get trained to carry a gun in school & had 300 sign up in 5 hours. They received requests from Janitors & Secretaries.

Work on border wall has begun in Calexico, Ca. Contract was awarded to remodel existing wall with a new prototype. The current wall was easily climbed over at will.

Florida teenaged NRA hating protesters were more interested in skipping school but absorbed the left's propaganda & stormed Gov. Scott's office to demand a meeting. When advised the gov wasn't available they shouted "Shame on You" like good libs. Adult staff tried to reason with the mob who wanted to discuss their petition with Gov. Scott. The mob was finally informed that Gov Scott was attending a funeral for one of the 17 victims.

John McCain's assistant David Kramer was singing like a canary when he thought the Steele Dossier would end Trump's presidency however at the congressional investigation hearings he pleaded the 5th.

Bronwyn Lodato expressed opposition to Obama's Library planned near her residence & she has been labeled a racist. Ms. Lodato is black.

Mueller's latest indictments against Manafort involve process crimes from 2006-13 & one in 2015. Since they have nothing to do with Trump colluding with Russia, can't they be referred to a working judge so the partisan, tax dollar bleeding, witch hunt can be ended?

Soros pulled the string which moves Obama's mouth which spewed out propaganda to Tide Pod eating teenagers to "march & organize to remake the world as it should be". What's that mean libs?

Libs don't want you to know that armed school personnel really works:

What party affiliation is Daniel Frisiello of Beverly, Ma.? Who should we send to protest his mental illness?

Broward Co. Sheriff Scott Israel, close friend of HRC, had plenty of time to provide firearms training & how to protect yourself, to local radical mosques. I guess he just wasn't concerned with American school children or a heroic coach & stood by & waited for 17 to get murdered. No worry, if he gets terminated CNN will hire him for a safety consultant.

When will CNN hold a town hall meeting to report on black children murdered nightly in democrat controlled cities? Isn't it racist not to report on this?

Are you libs loving the China like control of Facebook & Google who are working with race baiting SPLC, to create an Internet Cartel, to ban any conservative opposing views? Can't libs win in the realm of debating issues with fact supported information instead of filibustering just to obstruct?

MAGA = jobless claims lowest in 49 years.

Libs have another hero, sanctuary mayor Libby Schaaf who alerted residents of an ICE raid which aided 800 violent & dangerous undocumented ILLEGAL squatters. Isn't that condoning illegal activity & placing ICE Agents lives in danger? Who should we send to protest the mayor's mental illness?

Libs are having wet dreams in their rainbow colored panties over Jared Kushner's temporary change in security clearance. Fake news is in propaganda mode spewing the White House chaos narrative. Remember the chaos in Obama's White House when James Hoss Cartwright lost his security clearance or the 165 defense contractors, some that were pedophiles, were stripped of theirs or when the FBI denied NSA Ben Rhodes his until Obama obstructed formal efforts by lawmakers to find out why? Or when congress considered stripping HRC, Huma & Mills of theirs? Nah, you can't remember because Barack Hussein Obama's administration was the one & only scandal free administration ever. #ChoomGangCokeHead

Sources are reporting that Obama's fellow muslim, Ex-CIA Director John Brennan is the person who initiated the fake Steele Dossier & had Seth Rich killed in the cover up. Reports indicate Brennan had a FBI Agent's 40 cal Glock 22 stolen from his car the day of the murder & it was used to kill Rich that evening. Brennan had the power, money & hate for Trump to pull this off. The Obama administration will go down in history as the most corrupt administration bar none. Obama weaponized every agency against his opposition. Obama's Koran told him it is his right to lie, cheat, kill or use any means necessary to achieve the caliphate. Let's hope there are some elected officials left that aren't corrupt, who will see some justice is done for the forgotten Americans.