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Media has a 91% negative coverage of Trump.

Like no one knew this already. Glad not everyone believes everything the media feeds us. Wish more would wake up to the bias in news reporting.

Also new poll is saying President has one of the most Rock Solid bases of any past president.

Now let's get to the bottom of our crooked FBI leaders.

Why Bruce?... the ramblings of a disillusioned Hillary supporter.
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I believe Fred could witness trump pissing on an old homeless lady, and he'd tell him he's doing a hell of a job, really soaking her.

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Sources are reporting that Obama's fellow muslim, Ex-CIA Director John Brennan is the person who initiated the fake Steele Dossier & had Seth Rich killed in the cover up. Reports indicate Brennan had a FBI Agent's 40 cal Glock 22 stolen from his car the day of the murder & it was used to kill Rich that evening. Brennan had the power, money & hate for Trump to pull this off. The Obama administration will go down in history as the most corrupt administration bar none. Obama weaponized every agency against his opposition. Obama's Koran told him it is his right to lie, cheat, kill or use any means necessary to achieve the caliphate. Let's hope there are some elected officials left that aren't corrupt, who will see some justice is done for the forgotten Americans.

Crazy when real life begins resembling a science fiction movie.

Are State lawmakers trying to stick a fork in America's communist healthcare program the leftist democrats brought forth in the darkness of Christmas Eve?



At this point, it doesn’t look like Republicans will repeal or even reform Obamacare, and the changes to the ACA proposed by the GOP would have arguably made things worse. Even with the penalty for not buying health insurance repealed by the Republican tax plan, all other Obamacare rules and regulations remain in place. Regardless, state actions can help completely bring down the Affordable Care Act, or any national healthcare plan the Congress comes up with in the future.

Oftentimes, supporters of Obamacare criticize opponents for not having any alternative. Direct primary care offers one.

These direct patient/doctor agreements allow a system uncontrolled by government regulations to develop. It makes doctors responsive to patients, not insurance company bureaucrats or government rule-makers. Allowing patients to contract directly with doctors via medical retainer agreements opens the market. Under such agreements, market forces will set price for services based on demand instead of relying on central planners with a political agenda. The end result will be better care delivered at a lower cost.

By incentivizing creative healthcare solutions, the market will naturally provide better options, such as the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, This facility operates completely outside of the insurance system, providing a low-cost alternative for many surgical procedures.

A more open healthcare marketplace within a state will help spur de facto nullification the federal program by providing an affordable alternative. As patients flock to these arrangements and others spurred by ingenuity and market forces, the old system will begin to crumble.

Passage of H4643 would take the first step toward healthcare freedom in South Carolina and would create a stepping stone to further action to nullify the onerous Affordable Care act. Once in place, South Carolinians could take further steps to fully extricate themselves from Obamacare for good.

For more information on a plan to nullify the PPACA, click HERE.


H4643 now moves to the Senate for further consideration. It was assigned to the Senate Committee on Banking and Finance where it must pass by a majority vote before moving forward in the legislative process.
Lurch John Kerry is now formally under investigation for his involvement with fake dossiers.

Tyranny in Seattle after a man legally open carrying his firearm had his weapons confiscated by the government because residents complained he made them feel uncomfortable & unsafe. So called "Red Flag" laws allow the government to confiscate your firearms without a warrant & without pressing charges. You can thank a lib for this.

Libs put their hopes into a drunk drug addict, Sam Nunberg, to take down Trump. How'd that work for ya?

CNN found another Stormy Daniels in the form of Anastasia Vashukevich who trolled them that she had evidence in the Russian meddling for exchange of getting her out of a Thailand prison. How's that working for them?

Illegal squatter Andres Avelino Anduaga received more than $350,000 of your tax dollars for 37 years after California issued him a driver's license, he received a SS number & a fake birth certificate. Wow with that resume he may be the next democratic presidential nominee.

Brussells just renewed their 71.9% tariffs on Chinese steel.

How many employees does Nucor Steel have in SC?

After libs screamed OMG tweets will cause a war, NK now wants to de-nuke. Libs believed in global warming too.

After the arrest of Fredrick Demond Scott, when asked, Obama said, "I wish he was my son."

Economists expected 195K jobs in February, Moody's Analytics reported 235K or more MAGA.

The Oakland Mayor helped illegal squatter rapists evade ICE like Bill Clinton evaded rape charges & Teddy Kennedy evaded murder charges. Why do libs get to evade the laws they created?

How's the libs wet dream of socialism working out in Venezuela?

Please tell all non-NRA members to stop their mass shootings of innocent victims.

Kennesaw, Ga. requires all heads of households to maintain a firearm. Kennesaw has had 1 murder in 6 years & has a violent crimes rate of less than 2%.

The DOJ will provide Fast & Furious documents to congress investigation committee. Remember those documents, the ones withheld & hidden by Holder/Obama? You think they will finally be charged for the murder of Border Agent Brian Terry?

Lib Dem controlled Baltimore can't afford to heat schools but somewhere found money to pay for 60 buses, free T-shirts & meals to bus tide pod eating kids to the ban guns march in DC on the 24th. Just think of how many NRA memberships they could have provided with that money. It always a non-NRA member that shoots up gun free zones.

Dem Rep Rueben Kihuen is in the pickle barrel for sex begging. What is it with these Clinton/Weiner copy cats?

If libs want to learn about gun control they should watch the video of Nick Freitas' floor speech. It's a good one.

Dec. 23, 2015 the US placed a 256% tariff on non corrosive steel from China. Did Trump just reduce that to 25%?

AG Sessions is naming a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Dem controlled FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign personnel. Adam Schiff his pants!
c/p - There are a few signs of life in mainstream journalism. New York Times correspondent Scott Shane was one of the few journalists who happened to notice that the US intelligence agency (the CIA, NSA, and FBI) report of January 6, 2017 on Russian “hacking” actually offered no evidence. “Instead,” he said, “the message from the agencies essentially amounts to ‘trust us.’” It took the mainstream media 6 months before they acknowledged that the Obama administration claim that 17 intelligence agencies backed the hacking claim was false, the real number was only 3, and even the NSA had only “moderate confidence” in the finding. Last January, the NSA made a significant alteration in its mission statement: it removed the words “honesty” and the pledge to be truthful from its list of priorities.

Keep watching Rachel Maddow, The View, CNN & listen to Adam Schiff His Pants to keep your false hope alive with hate propaganda. How's that hate working for you libs?

Annoy a lib Keep America Great!

c/p - (1) McCabe's firing came as the result of information gleaned by the Justice Department's nonpartisan Inspector General. Michael Horowitz was appointed to that position by President Barack Obama and was confirmed by a Democratic Senate. Not only that, his discovery of McCabe's apparent wrongdoing (unauthorized media leaking, about which McCabe later "lacked candor" with investigators) came in the context of a sprawling IG examination of the FBI's handling of various Clinton-related scandals and investigations in the run-up to the 2016 election. That investigation was demanded by Democrats, who cheered its announcement (McCabe's current lawyer even referred to the probe as "welcome news" in a Washington Post op/ed). Also, when did that soon-to-be-concluded investigation commence? Early January 2017, before Donald Trump took office. To recap: McCabe's fireable misconduct was unearthed by a Democrat-demanded inquiry that was launched during the Obama presidency, led by an Obama-appointed and Democrat-confirmed watchdog.

Wow, looks like McCabe was a dirty think he'll pinch Comey & Mueller? Then it'll just be a matter of time for Hillary & Obama get perp walked. Not looking good for leftist libs.

In case you missed this on local news channels

The Holy Grail of the left. It's hard to Keep America Great if you kill lots of their offsprings.
When society starts referring to babies as infectious waste, it's time to change things.

This is tragic stuff.


pecifically, nine regulations spelled out in R. 61-105 were broken by Greenville Women’s Clinic, including:

Illegally transferring and storing infectious waste (aborted babies).
Transferring waste at a non-designated transfer facility (gas station).
Not having a properly marked transfer vehicle and leak resistant cargo carrying containers.
Not being registered as a transporter of infectious waste.
Having no infectious waste management plan.
Strericycle was found in violation of five regulations including:

Illegally transferring and storing infectious waste (aborted babies).
Illegally transferring infectious waste from one vehicle to another at a non-designated transfer facility.
Illegally accepting infectious waste without a proper manifest.
Was it Comey or Mueller who did the background checks on their informant's family? Shouldn't Mueller & Comey be in front of Special Prosecutors? That would be a more effective use of tax dollars than Mueller's political partisan witch hunt.
Will this put an end to the obvious partisan witch hunt?

or does the Deepstate have pictures of Sessions?