Hot off the Press...

Media has a 91% negative coverage of Trump.

Like no one knew this already. Glad not everyone believes everything the media feeds us. Wish more would wake up to the bias in news reporting.

Also new poll is saying President has one of the most Rock Solid bases of any past president.

Now let's get to the bottom of our crooked FBI leaders.

Why Bruce?... the ramblings of a disillusioned Hillary supporter.
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I believe Fred could witness trump pissing on an old homeless lady, and he'd tell him he's doing a hell of a job, really soaking her.

It looks like paternity tested Hunter has scorned his Alabama baby's momma & vengeance is hers

c/p - The filing also names Devon Archer and Christopher Heinz, long-term associates of Hunter Biden. Heinz, the son-in-law of then-Secretary of State John Kerry, also entered lucrative business deals with Biden's son in China. At the time, Joe Biden and John Kerry went soft on China despite the Middle Kingdom's aggression in the South China Sea.

oh my, let's hope they don't drag in Pelosi's son Paul into the fray with his Ukraine ties or Mitt Romney, that would be devastating. and how will Megan explain her dad being the Steele Dossier's mule to Comey on The View where most dems get their factual news?


We should have handled that situation Oct 1983 !!!!
Just wait and see if the ripples turn into waves.

I am fragile.
Not like a flower.
But like a bomb.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention. Trump's did that for a distraction from the impeachment. Someone from fake news if not all of them will be saying that.
Better than a plane full of money. Obama's going to be pizzzzed

I am fragile.
Not like a flower.
But like a bomb.

I am fragile.
Not like a flower.
But like a bomb.
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You think Valerie Jarrett called Hussein Obama to direct him once again to do something to help Iran?

Obama’s cash deal helped to fund Quds Force

What should be done to Obama now? Hmmmmm
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Bi-partisan support to overturn Roe v Wade

Gonna pizz off the baby killers
Tell all book contains explosive bombshells that may ruin leftocrats running for office, oh my, how will Chuckie Todd twist this one for the gut hooked dems?

Andrea Mitchell might iron the crease back into the Kenyan’s pants before filing her fake news report

Hussein Obama & the impeached president's skank sicced their corrupt FBI on Flynn after he chose to rally for Trump & shouted "Lock her up!" during the crowd chants. They abused the power of the gov't. which has unlimited tax payer funds to ruin him. He's trying to fight back but is still facing an Obama appointed judge. Good Luck to General Flynn a great American Patriot.

and all this crap was predicated on LIES paid for by the skank

Mueller, the Kenyan & the skank should all be hung for sedition......I hope Trump uses the GOOD people in the FBI & CIA to ruin the lives of all the corrupt cabal Obama lead

c/p - Former Obama DOJ-NSD Head Mary McCord was involved in setting up General Flynn in the White House days after the 2017 Inauguration. Now she is reportedly working for Adam Schiff with her former lawyer at the DOJ, the now ICIG Michael Atkinson. McCord is as crooked as they get.

the whole thing stinks worse than a Pelosi poop covered sidewalk
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Let’s hope Trump has chosen 1 of these caterers to feed the LSU Tigers today

we wouldn’t want fast foods added to the impeachment articles
Just like Ukraine, Trump has placed a hold on aid to Puerto Rico for suspected corruption. I’m glad the swamp ain’t giving our tax payers money to line the pockets of the swamp team. This breaking news report from non-dem propaganda news sources only helps to bolster Trump’s effectiveness

I wish I had a meme post for MAGAKAG to post every time to help bolster my effectiveness wink