Hot off the Press...

Media has a 91% negative coverage of Trump.

Like no one knew this already. Glad not everyone believes everything the media feeds us. Wish more would wake up to the bias in news reporting.

Also new poll is saying President has one of the most Rock Solid bases of any past president.

Now let's get to the bottom of our crooked FBI leaders.

Why Bruce?... the ramblings of a disillusioned Hillary supporter.
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I believe Fred could witness trump pissing on an old homeless lady, and he'd tell him he's doing a hell of a job, really soaking her.

BLM/Anitfa take your protest to the half white Kenyan’s home town

104 shot, 14 fatally, over Father’s Day weekend in Chicago

What’s the definition of Mass Confusion........give up?

Father’s Day in Democrat controlled cities
Here it comes. impeachment 2.0 .

I am fragile.
Not like a flower.
But like a bomb.
We just started a job downtown Greenville.. kind of appears to be snowflake land.

As of 1200 hours today The city is requiring you to wear a mask to go to the pharmacy, grocery store, shopping centers. All businesses employees are required to wear masks.
I wouldn't be surprised to see another shot down before long.

I am fragile.
Not like a flower.
But like a bomb.
Judge Joe Brown reveals some interesting topics about Trump, Biden and Obama
Judge Joe Brown reveals some interesting topics about Trump, Biden and Obama posted by Bayrider

Love it, thanks for posting that one. " Donald's not racist, he just doesn't like a lot of people. He dated Black Women and walked them down the red carpet.."

Old Judge Joe Brown sure tells it like it is about Hunter! Searching for that photo of Bush with 8 year old obuma, love to know the whole story about Sotoro and Bush.
Obuma one of the richest beneficiary's in the World?

Very interesting stuff, I've always wondered the hidden factor behind Obuma going from 40 years of obscurity to President.
Interesting investigation into the Clinton Foundation

Democrats hate police so they defund them and take your tax dollars to hire personal armed security for themselves

4 Americans died in Benghazi and they bragged about lying and making up a narrative that Obama loyalists would believe

C/p Joking about being called ‘liars’ after being caught lying about the Benghazi terrorist attack says a lot about the Obama-Clinton team’s contempt for the rule of law and those four innocent Americans murdered in Libya September 11, 2012. The documents also show that Ben Rhodes, the Obama White House official who created the false story for Susan Rice to use on Benghazi, was planning to orchestrate again an ‘evolving’ explanation about the Benghazi attack by the Intelligence Community in time for then-President Obama’s reelection. You can see how this manipulation is a prelude to Obama’s extensive abuse of the “intelligence community” during the next election to go after President Trump!

wonder who’s got the server?

Demented Biden is skeered to debate

they tried to give him the questions and answers but he keeps asking for somebody to put marmalade on a biscuit
When Bill wasn’t porking teenagers he was bombing women and children

C/p It would have been a more accurate representation to depict Clinton standing on a pile of corpses of the women, children, and others killed in the U.S. bombing campaign.

NYT needs to publish on front page