Best fall bass baits

If you had to pick 1 artifical for the fall, what would it be?

Plastic worm I reckon,unless they’re schooling,then I tie on a striper delight and a pea jig.
fall is for fast moving reaction baits- 1/4 oz chrome and black back rat l trap fished erratically with a pump and fall retrieve will pay off as will many top waters, bladed jigs, spinner baits and crank baits.
Start your day fishing fast- if the fish respond keep it up, when the bite dies switch baits and keep going fast. This is the time when you can catch 100 bass in a day, many will be large.
I'm in agreement with Dockman. I've done well with spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and even jerkbaits in the fall, in addition to other lures he's mentioned. I still tie on a jig, and other topwaters, but rely more on the faster moving lures. I make a buzzbait on a spinnerbait head specifically for moving it fast. The bottom of it is actually about the same shape & width of many buzzbaits, but I feel it's easier to keep it moving at a faster pace. smile
Square bill crankbait.

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This morning on the Edisto, it was a Rapala Skitter-pop in fire tiger. Caught 24 Bass on one.
Gotta go with a 1/2oz double willow spinner bait in Sexy Shad or Blue gill.
Now that it’s cooler I’d also suggest the small to medium jigging spoons. In clear deep lakes almost every freshwater fish will hit them. I’ve tried, without success, to post a couple recent pictures of what we’ve been catching with the spoons. Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. It’s much easier to catch them than post pictures of them!
Shouldn't but gonna be a smart behind. Live Shiners or Petco's feeder Gold fish. smile

White Crank bait, broke back rebel, and In my pond a top water popping plug.

Good luck to you sir.