Democrats are the real Racist Bigots

When will the democratic leaders run to the TV cameras to condemn their party's racism & bigotry?

or for that matter what about the resident democrat supporters on here?

The current front runner is an extremist, white nationalistic supremacist, racist, bigot so using dem logic so are his supporters/voters right?

c/p - Imagine if Trump said things like this, just one thing like this…

But that’s the thing, the difference between Biden and Trump is that you do have to imagine Trump saying these things because he never has, which is why the Very Fine People Hoax had to be invented.

Trump never says things like this.

Biden says them all the time — and is still saying them.

So we all know who the real racist is: Joe Biden.
The sniffer - looks like foreplay to me!

I had a pic of creepy Joe sniffin a little girls hair - but it wouldn't post. ??
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Hey Creepy Sniffer Veep, there's a real Injun getting ready to scalp your plugs

looks like your chances have declined to 1 in 1024 unless you can get more dead & illegals to accept your racism & vote twice for you

Is it true Epstein wouldn't let Bill come for the youngons unless he came without Hillary?
While the Kenyan & his racist, bigoted pie hole run away from blacks, blacks are running away from dems, oh my

nothing like getting woke ehh, first half white prez?
Only we know what’s best for you

You must not stray from our propaganda

Please follow our narratives