Democrats are the real Racist Bigots

When will the democratic leaders run to the TV cameras to condemn their party's racism & bigotry?

or for that matter what about the resident democrat supporters on here?

Yeah Bart, it was kind of rhetorical. In the end he obviously isn't a total idiot as he has figured out a way to get people to continue voting for him.

Don't hold your breath waiting for any kind of substantial answer from polywog.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?
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I believe Fred could witness trump pissing on an old homeless lady, and he'd tell him he's doing a hell of a job, really soaking her.
Nah, I'm pretty sure Johnson is a total idiot since he honestly thinks Guam can literally top over and is stupid enough to bring that up on the floor of Congress. Just because his Liberal constituents--residents of a few counties near Atlanta, Georiga--are even more stupid and vote for any Liberal who promises them free ice cream doesn't make him smart in my book, especially when he has the DNC to prop him up. The DNC could get a pig elected. If Johnson is smart at all, then Trump is a genius of geniuses.

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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as "****hole countries" during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House, a Democratic aide briefed on Thursday's meeting told NBC News.

Serious question:

What's more offensive, making an ignorant (yet applicable) statement about a third-world country, or referring to a person from Africa as "clean and articulate" and thinking it's a compliment?

Your response is highly anticipated.

"I'm not a hundred percent in love with your tone right now..."


"I'm not a hundred percent in love with your tone right now..."
You must renounce your Christian beliefs or suffer the consequences

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Here, add to your far right racist post. Straight outta FOXX news

Of course there is no place for that Crap anywhere.

But to lighten it up, have you seen this old Chapel skit?
Did you know that Congressman Steve King is a Constitutional Conservative Christian? King believes queers & atheists are morally bankrupt. King has proposed a new law to ban abortion at fetal heartbeat. This is why the fags, atheists & baby killers attack him just like Clarence Thomas. They can't have someone curbing their favorite sicko pastimes. When they come at you with racism, they are out of ammo. Just a distraction from the unintelligent parrots & rinos that believe every talking point from the dem media. King's constituents will re-elect him so the DC swamp can have at it all they want & waste more time for nada. Keeps them away from important issues & that's what they live for. Hey who's got the bar tab tonight?