Democrats are the real Racist Bigots

When will the democratic leaders run to the TV cameras to condemn their party's racism & bigotry?

or for that matter what about the resident democrat supporters on here?

Remember when it was the end of Trump when Duke endorsed him? Oh how the left loved that.....what they say now?

c/p - Pelosi’s swift response to Omar, days earlier she had claimed that, “in the Democratic Party, unlike the Republican Party, racism gets no sanctuary."

Yeah, tell that to Steve King you bunch of racist bigots!

c/p - But bigotry is still bigotry. And the Democratic Party is where it thrives in our culture.

It's no wonder that Democrats are constantly trying to hang the "bigot" label around everyone else's necks. It's classic projection
Smollett's hate crime has community organizer fingerprints

the Obamas should be subpoenaed & questioned for their involvement just like the dems sling guilt at Trump's family.

The dems hate is getting innocent folks shot, mugged & maimed. They need to stop their vile racist bigotry.
Aw shucks, Ralph is just a good ole boy letting off a little steam

if he agrees with our agenda the blackface never happened

How's Justin Fairfax's rape trial progressing through the legal system? Oh, it's in line to be heard right after William J. Clinton case no. 0000000
Al gore is such a moron and assumes everyone else is. You think he believes only white people use gas?
I guess the dems used all their Hate Crimes reporting on their poor, helpless victim Jussie Smollett

How about that RBF, is violence what makes dems so happy?

Take my advice, don't go in public wearing a red MAGA hat or speak conservatively in a public setting or the unhinged dems will literally beat the health out of you or worse. Remember a few millimeters would have killed Scalise. The dems roots run deep with hate & they may return to lynching their opposition again. No wonder they want your guns.
Anything remotely Christian or perceived right is under assault by dems in order to promote their cultural rot into socialism

See what reporters like Andrea Mitchell, Rachel Maddow, Savannah Guthrie, Jake Tapper, George Stephanopolis, David Muir & others have done? After lying about Trump collusion for 3 years & man-made climate change for longer, these white reporters have ruined it for all. Now black Americans think they have no credibility & are barring their kind from news worthy events.

I guess you could say white reporters will now experience obstruction that they dream about nightly!