Democrats are the real Racist Bigots

When will the democratic leaders run to the TV cameras to condemn their party's racism & bigotry?

or for that matter what about the resident democrat supporters on here?

The current front runner is an extremist, white nationalistic supremacist, racist, bigot so using dem logic so are his supporters/voters right?

c/p - Imagine if Trump said things like this, just one thing like this…

But that’s the thing, the difference between Biden and Trump is that you do have to imagine Trump saying these things because he never has, which is why the Very Fine People Hoax had to be invented.

Trump never says things like this.

Biden says them all the time — and is still saying them.

So we all know who the real racist is: Joe Biden.
The sniffer - looks like foreplay to me!

I had a pic of creepy Joe sniffin a little girls hair - but it wouldn't post. ??
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Hey Creepy Sniffer Veep, there's a real Injun getting ready to scalp your plugs

looks like your chances have declined to 1 in 1024 unless you can get more dead & illegals to accept your racism & vote twice for you

Is it true Epstein wouldn't let Bill come for the youngons unless he came without Hillary?
While the Kenyan & his racist, bigoted pie hole run away from blacks, blacks are running away from dems, oh my

nothing like getting woke ehh, first half white prez?
Only we know what’s best for you

You must not stray from our propaganda

Please follow our narratives
If he'd only been like Obama's son Trayvon Martin or walking away from the cop, with his hands up begging "Don't Shoot" like the Gentle Giant Michael Brown, we may have seen this 24/7 when it happened in mid July

but that wouldn't feed the false narrative that America is full of RACISTS! now would it?
Cory Booker is angry that dem voters are not supporting candidates of color but by my count he, Deval Patrick & Gabbard are still in. Booker is also mad at his party hurling racist comments

c/p - BLOOMBERG: Well, Cory Booker endorsed me a number of times. And I endorsed Cory Booker a number of times. He's very well-spoken. He's got some good ideas. It would be better the more diverse any group is. But the public is out there picking and choosing and narrowing down this field. The truth of the matter is you had a lot of diversity in the candidates, some of whom were very competent. Why they aren't there as you narrowed it down, I-- you have to talk to other people who are experts. I don't know.

KING: Part of the conversation is, "Here we go, another old, white, gentleman." Isn't it time for change? Isn't it time for--

hmmmmm, where have we heard other racist say that?

was it Ukraine Joe?

or Stinky Harry?

or it may have been the impeached rapist

now that I've thought about it, I think it was Coon Man Northam.......nah, Grand Cleagle Bobby Byrd.......hard to pin it down with so many racist crackers in one party

No malarkey about Joe, a real racist & you don't even have to take it out of context or cherry pick the sound bite for propaganda dem news

and on his pay to play Ukraine shake down for his drug addicted son he sounds like Nixon saying I'm not a crook, my son & I did nothing wrong..........but, but, but Joe you are the one that withheld the aid that stopped the investigation.......remember we have the video of you bragging about it.......if you think I'm lying just ask Barack
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Well the dem media and useful idiots are at in again. They’re claiming white supremacy signs flashed during the Army Navy game were directly related to the racist President leader in the White House. Even their most important source Snopes proves they all live in that we must HATE Trump alternate universe

Just another deflection so they don’t have to report about Comey’s meaculpa and how bad the dems are losing. It’s so bad Pelosi can’t keep her false teeth still