Democrats condone breaking US law

Democrats support law breaking illegal open border crossers over law abiding citizens which are just collateral damage of their new voting block. The illegal border crossers are already voting in California & other liberal democrat controlled states are considering or are presently turning a blind eye. Democrats are veiled communist that are following the communist doctrine. That's why it was so important for them to pass the unconstitutional Obamacare, take control of public schools to spew their communist propaganda, mock Christians & attempt to disarm law abiding citizens. If you support democrats you support a communist agenda. Walkaway from their evil.

If any of you leftists on here could post the evidence that Savage is a white supremacist, I'd like to see/read it

c/p - Maybe now the left will start to tone down its rhetoric? Maybe now the Nancy Pelosis of the country and the Maxine Waters of the nation will start to understand that calls for summers of resistance and cries to confront conservatives — particularly those tied to this Donald Trump administration — in the streets, in restaurants, at their homes, are all examples of uncalled-for rallies that can indeed spark the mentally unstable or viciously partisan to actually get physical?

c/p -
Buck has given $47,427.50 to Democrat campaigns, according to Federal Election Commission figures, including Clinton, Barack Obama, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and many others.

He has been photographed with Hillary Clinton and former California Governor Jerry Brown.

Will the caring dems send their donations back to prove they don't condone law breakers? Will this cause their voters to recognize the dems are morally bankrupt?
You still come across as a Russian troll , residing in Maryland. He might classify as a white supremacist, but Savage is definitely a bigot . Targeting veterans with PTSD? WTF?

Savage is no stranger to bigoted rhetoric. In 2003, he lost his job at MSNBC after only a few months when he told a prank caller, “Oh, so you're one of those sodomites. You should only get AIDS and die, you pig; how's that?” In 2014, he targeted U.S. veterans with PTSD, saying they were giving into “weakness” and being allowed “to cry like a little baby in bed.”

PTSD and the Military

Today, hundreds of thousands of service men and women and recent military veterans have seen combat. Many have been shot at, seen their buddies killed, or witnessed death up close. These are types of events that can lead to PTSD.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that PTSD afflicts:
•Almost 31 percent of Vietnam veterans
•As many as 10 percent of Gulf War (Desert Storm) veterans
•11 percent of veterans of the war in Afghanistan
•20 percent of Iraqi war veterans
•Among veterans returning from the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, PTSD and mild to moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) are often linked and their symptoms may overlap. Blast waves from explosions can cause TBI, rattling the brain inside the skull.
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I know it's hard for you Polbrah, but try to keep up

c/p - The only way to stop the SPLC is if people stop giving it money and the media stop quoting it or taking it seriously.

Hey wait a minute, you didn't send them money like you did Hillary did you? Why don't donate at least $1 to the wall like Pelosi promised to do?
What dem paid for this smear campaign? Where's out the manufactured outrage......there won't be any because it achieved their illegal goal of stealing a senate seat
Will the dems cause another one of their unhinged lunatic supporters to shoot another elected officials or cause riots again?

If California is a microcosm for what dems want the entire U.S. to adopt why don't they treat their teachers better to end their protest? Just think of the example they're educating potential voters about even the invaders or reformed felons voters. They want the teachers treated like they'd want to be treated. Also it would help if the government would tax the free air being abused by mouthbreathers along with the new proposed tax on drinking water. After all how do We the People think we can live without air & water, duhhh!
It's a good thing this wasn't Don Jr. or we'd have a real scandal on our hands

now I wonder where Paul learned his trade? Watch the wheels of justice as they search for a judge appointed by Obama & attends BBQs at the Pelosi is good when you control your own destiny, thanks to all my supporters!
Can an Attorney General investigate himself?

I bet the Kavanaugh METOO# folks will go after him or his BFF Farrakahn will honor kill the victims
I'll use the newest dem technique by prefacing with "if this is true" we should investigate this just because of the seriousness of the charge!

will the new mantra be MEXICAN COLLUSION?