Georgia Report

It may not be the #1 known dive location, but I went out with some of the people in my dive club a couple weeks ago and had the best day of spearfishing I've had. Last year was my first full year diving and I did great both spearfishing and black water fossil diving and feel like I learned a ton in the process. Instead of using a full tank at each dive site, we did shorter dives at relatively smaller pieces of structure to include tugboats, rubble piles, M60 battle tanks, and a sailboat. Depth in these spots averaged about 55 feet deep and water temp was around 80. The sailboats didn't have a whole ton on them at first glance, but several people found some nice flounder on them. The battle tanks usually hold a fair amount of sheephead with the occasional trigger and they did not disappoint this time either. The tugboat had a lot of life to it, but my initial lap around it I didn't find any grouper as I was hoping to. I caught a glimpse of one of the guy who was loading his stringer with flounder, but by the time I started looking down I didn't find any more to add to my own stringer, so I decided to look up instead. Wrecks around here are normally loaded with barracuda, but I also saw several spanish mackerel swimming around and decided to go for one. It didn't take too long and stoned one that was about 24" or so. Very shortly after that a big school of bonito came by and I got one of those too (shark bait). The rubble pile had by far the most fish on it and my buddy and I found a good pile of sheephead. After I strung one up I saw a very large shape under a cement piling and once I clearly made out what it was and had a good shot I let loose and got my biggest spear harvest yet: a 20lb gag! A couple days later I went to the same areas again with 1 buddy (spearing) and his sister (not spearing) and of the pictured pile 6 of the flounder and 2 of the sheephead were mine. I definitely look forward to going again hopefully this weekend!


Thats awesome! Nice gag! And those flounder are STUDS. I grew up in Savannah and dove the J and L reefs. There are a ton of flounder out there on the areas of lower relief. The sheepshead and triggers are a nice treat as well!

What dive club are you a part of? Are they taking new members? I would love to be in touch with some folks that are active so I'm a little more motivated to get out there.
im in st marys, ga and the club i'm in is CUDA. the shop we operate out of is called divers den and is in kinsland, ga (exits 1, 3, and 6 off I-95). there is no fee for membership and we are always open for people to swing by! shoot me a PM and ill give you whatever details you want.