Few openings left Club outside Summerville

I've got a few spots open left in our club off of Old Beech Hill just above 17A in Summerville. ~850 acres, 10 members total. Can hunt anything, but really its Just deer and turkeys. Low pressure, 4 pts or better on a side. 1000$ includes corn, will have chufa planted as well. No places to stay, no (deer) dog hunting (coon and squirrel can take place after deer season).PM me and we can go take a look.

strip..strip..FISH ON!


strip..strip..FISH ON!
Pm sent. Sorry for sending 2. Kept giving me an error on the first.

Pioneer 222SF
Do you still need members for the upcoming 2020 year?
I would be interested if you have an opening for the 2020 season.
Interested if you still have a spot.

Hi just wondering if you still need members? Thank you!