Epstien found dead in prision

Bill Clintons buddy - Orgy Island Epstein was found dead in prison this morning. I suspect a Frank Pantangeli type suicide- like in the movie the Godfather when Frank was convinced that he should kill himself. Slick Willie and some others wanted Epstein to never testify in court We will never know , I'm sure all the tracks were well covered. Will Bill Clinton inherit Orgy Island ?

I thought trump didn't know Prince Andrew?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PW9Eu8ADs-YOriginally posted by poly ball

Again, you really confuse me on how you are trying to slander Trump on this one? Actually this is just more evidence that your girl Hillary and her husband Bill and their perverted sex desires where satisfied by Epstein.

What you fail and the Mass Media fails to report is the break up of Trump and Epstein. Epstein approached Trump about an underaged girl in his employment for joining Epstein's perversions. Trump got pizzed off and Epstein was banned from all of Trumps establishments…. You need to focus on Hillary and Bill, then maybe …. just maybe... you will open your eyes and see that while Trump was indeed a billi0on are play boy, he did not stoop to the Clintons (and many others) perverted level.

Even though you believe their is no GOD, YOu should get off your high horse and actually look at your own party and the sick twisted scat they do. Even those that don't believe in GOD, should have some realization that what Epstein did and so many on the left that supported it was and is wrong...


Polly, you and I and the World should demand the papers the FBI took from Epstein estate before he was murdered and demand justice for all those that took advantage of raping and destroying so many young girls life's..
in an attempt to bring light to just how horrible Epstein was and the horrific things he did and just how deep our government and other governments have kept secrets …. What does Polly do? Distract towards Trump!! Justice needs to be served, all those that flew on the Lolita Express need to be questioned and investigated. It seems most involved in being above society and "enjoying" Epstein's f'd up perversions have kept many from prison that need to be there.

anyone that thinks our top law enforcement agencies are not corrupt are living in a dream. Maybe after anyone reading this is dead, some of the truth may come out...