Trailer extensions?

I use a jet ski trailer for my little boat and it is short and I feel like if I added like two ft or so I could launch easier at some of my spots. What I'm wondering is if anyone has experience with extending there trailer. Pros, cons, etc would be appreciated.

My plan is to just add some tubing that will fit in or over my current tubing and bolt it together. Does this seem ok?

what if you just put longer bunks on it?
Bonzo and Pod got some white bread extensions...didn't do them any good.

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you SOB.

40, I sprayed my bunks with wd-40 and she slides right off.
I added a longer tongue for my old trailer. I purchased the galvanized tube from Charleston trailer on Dorchester rd.
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How much did the tubing cost or where would be a good source to get some cheap if it's pricey? I'm looking for cheap options.
Is there not a used boat junk yard close! That,s where I get a lot of pieces and parts for my projects! Also to the guy who needed a 48" pc. of stainless tubeing!
Totally off topic, but, why is this thread a 'sticky'?

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Haha,I was wondering the same thing Palmer,it happened near the time of changeover. Maybe that’s why?
You can buy extension from harbor freight for 20 + $