Sloshy Sunday

New to the Forum, new to Charleston. Stuck my nose out for the first time Sunday intent on going to Charleston 60. Sloppy and windy so I stayed closer, fished the PA-25 reef for a few hours. lots of bottom bites, nothing noteworthy, lots of small sea bass and fat toad fish. Didn't cooler a fish but did explore my first spot. I did see a few spadefish.
More to come.

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We didn't get past the end of the jetties. Apparently it was nice once you got to 200 feet. The ride home had to be brutal.

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I saw a collection of boats anchored up just inside the jetties, I wondered what I was missing.

SeaPro 248
The Gray Escape
Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’ve had a few enjoyable trips on that reef. It’s a fun reef to try new things, jigs, trailers etc. I’ve been there and wore out some nice sized weakfish. Too bad the limit is so low on them.

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We went out to the last bouy of the shipping channel and got a Bonita and a croker. Stayed a bit then went to Charelston 60, nothing for us. It was pretty rough the whole day. Looked up the Chas 60 bouy and it had 3' at 5sec.