speckled aggression

stopped off to throw TW this morning. felt like half an hour late on tide and light, but 12 casts still produced 31 blowups, 9 hookups, and 4 landed (all released). biggest fish pulled off bankside was probably 20", biggest landed 17"

boils, cartwheels, tail slaps, nose pops, full inhalation... the usual chuckle-inducing fun of october is finally here. too many options for the next couple months!


Man... that's how to spend a morning! thumbsUp

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...well, some fishing too!
Sounds like a great time, barbawang. What time did you start fishing? I always seem to be just a tad late to get the morning topwater bite.

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Dang wang,you got the spot old man, I got two this morning on tw with a skitter walker as per opti .They began to bite on the outgoing water on all colors of grubs I threw and even caught one on a river runt.You right,it’s gonna be busy the next four months.haha
Looks like we're having a good trout season thus far

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