Inshore Trolling again

I put in at 3 and fished till seven. I threw a line out and started trolling from the landing. First fish on in about two minutes and another in about 5 minutes in. Lots of dinks today and a few nice ones. Probably about 6 or more in the 13 to 16 range and probably a dozen or more in the 9 to 13 range and a fat 19 incher, my pb on the troll. I threw lures some but only had a few hits and no fish landed. I probably had 40 hits or more and landed about 20 or so total on the troll. A lot of short strikes likely dinks and a few good fish pulled off. Had a double on as I turned a corner and they both ran in the marsh and I had to double back without tangling my lines in the motor or slacking the line and losing the fish. Tougher than it sounds and it took a solid five minutes but i landed the littler one but the of course the one that was big pulled off. I had several hits while fighting other fish and but didn't pull off the double today. I figured out I can fish three rods If I hold on out flat in my hand. So I trolled a hard bait with the rod in my hand and that's the one the 19incher hit. He hit it and broke the surface and rolled. The line wrapped around him and I pretty sure that's why I landed him because the hook was just sitting in its mouth. I saw a piece of marsh grass laid over about 3ft off the edge into the creek and it looked like the tip was a little odd looking and waving different than it should be in the current. After a better look I noticed it was a 25 to 30 inch trout. A couple passes and that's where I got the 19 incher. The bite shut down at like 6 and that was when dead high came, I think I had 1 hit after 6. Mostly trolled the doa Cal's and mirror lure catch 2000, I had a z man paddlers on but it were getting short struck and out fished by the cals. All fished released.

If you look closely you can see the slight bow in the two vertical lines. This is when the paddle tails on a 1/8 oz jig get the most hits and pull the best. The tight line is the flat line im holding out to the side with the tip just above the water.
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Well done again... have you ever trolled rattle traps? Maybe a blue and silver one? Maybe if you lightened up the drag you might get a few of the ones that are short strikes and misses.thumbsUp Most importantly, how well did you get the boat back on the trailer?

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What speed are you trolling?


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I keep a light drag but I missed 1 or two from forgetting to loosen the drag after catching one and pulled hooks on a couple from trying to pull them in like they were little guys. The trout fight a lot longer when trolling because there is more line out then when casting and with there mouths and the way they fight there are bound to be pulled hooks. I think the short strikes were 6 to 9 inch trout, little tail pullers. No trailer issues this time, except my lights went out. Lol. I tightened up my bunks and it was high tide so I didn't have to back into the trouble zone.
One of the small ones but I had several tiny taps on the hard bait that seemed like 6inchers.
No electronics so i couldn't tell you an actual speed. I'll GPS my speed on my phone next time but generally when with the current I go about twice as fast as the current and when going against the current I go at about the speed you would drift with the current if you were drifting with it. I think it's less of a speed issue and more of where your bait is in the water column. I try for about a ft off the bottom to 3ft depending the bottom contours, some parts of this creek jump up and down a ft and there are some areas with debris on the bottom. A lot of fish are caught by creek mouths, marsh points and around the debri piles and channels in the smaller areas. I keep going when I catch one, though I know there are more fish in some of the spots I get hit at. I'm in the early stages of dialing it in and I'm not going for numbers I'm looking for patterns so I can apply these tactics when im ready to try new areas. I got four areas I want to try that seem promising. The area I've been fishing gets a decent amount of pressure.
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Your reports are really good. I always enjoy reading them and they are informative as well. I have not trolled for trout since I was a kid, but guess what I am about to do?
Nice looking trouts. I'm now motivated to get that trout bitegoing

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