If the Resisters, Never-Trumpers, Trump-Haters or whatever you think you are, want to know why Trump got elected & will be re-elected, take 3 minutes to read this




Rank-And-File Republicans Reel Off Very Long List Of Reasons They Can’t Vote For Trump
September 11, 2020

These rank-and-file Republicans are well and truly done with President Donald Trump.

The group of conservatives list 113 damning reasons for not backing Trump over Democratic nominee Joe Biden this November in an 11-minute video that the Republican Voters Against Trump group released Thursday.

Their rationales range from the president’s racist, sexist, Islamaphobic and divisive rhetoric to his alienation of U.S. allies, attacks on the military and cozy relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump’s catastrophic mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic is also a key explanation.

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That's just what the media wants everyone to believe. Keep Drinking that cool aid. mmmm is it rainbow flavored?

You keep slamming Trump, why not get away from your fear of truth and do some digging on Harris? You in favor of pedophiles and all manner of criminals? look up Willie Brown. Your girl Harris has some major skeletons.

Come on debuts! GO TRUMP/PENCE!! Morality for all!

I am fragile.
Not like a flower.
But like a bomb.

As Clock Ticks, Trump Engulfs Himself in Chaotic News Cycles
,The New York Times•September 11, 2020
President Donald Trump is running out the clock on his own reelection campaign.

For much of the Trump presidency, days and controversies have run together until they’ve become an indistinguishable blur: a bombshell revelation from a former aide, or a self-sabotaging news conference, canceling out the last one. Time has seemed to pass quickly or not at all, as the constant churn of scandals, resignations, tell-all books and racist or sexist tweets has created its own political ecosystem.

At times, the constant noise has helped Trump, who thrives on chaos and wants the spotlight always on himself, and he believes he has faced few consequences for it.

But with less than eight weeks left until the election, and with early voting beginning in some states this month, the number of days Trump can afford to burn is dwindling. He is trailing his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, in most national and battleground state polls, and is facing a potential cash crunch, leaving him with less to invest in television ads after aggressive spending over the last three years.

Clip From 'Unfit' Documentary Explores Trump's 'Cognitive Decline' Over Time
Josephine Harvey
HuffPostSeptember 10, 2020

In a new film unpacking the psychology of Donald Trump, author and psychologist John Gartner says the president demonstrates numerous signs of cognitive deterioration and ties that to grave concerns about Trump’s fitness for the Oval Office.

“This is almost a science fiction kind of novel that we are living in now,” Gartner said in an exclusive clip from the documentary “Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump.”

“He is cognitively deteriorating,” Gartner argued. “If you look at interviews that he gave in the 1980s and 1990s, he was very articulate. He actually had a very sophisticated vocabulary. He spoke in actually polished paragraphs.”

Gartner juxtaposed clips from that time with the way Trump speaks at present.

“His vocabulary is impoverished; he uses a lot of superlatives and filler words that we see in people who are reaching for language,” he said. “Quite often, he shows what we call tangential thinking, which is that he goes from one idea and then just sort of drifts in mid-sentence to another idea.”


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Come on man!! Lol. You just described Biden not Trump.

I’m ready for November4th to be over and Biden put out to pasture.

Hey Joe that train left the station with your teleprompter


watch him get the Kung flu the night before the debates start and go back in the basement until after the election

can’t believe the Democrats nominated such a dumpster fire

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BOB, it is you and your party that are the merchants of fear. You couldn’t list a single accomplishment of Biden’s from his 50+ years in DC . all you and your party has is a negative campaign based on fear
Trump falls 10 points behind Biden amid reports he misled Americans about COVID-19 and disparaged U.S. soldiers

Donald Trump has fallen further behind Joe Biden following bombshell reports that the president knowingly misled Americans about the dangers of COVID-19 and privately disparaged dead U.S. soldiers as “suckers” and “losers,” according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

The survey, which was conducted from Sept. 9 to 11, shows Biden leading Trump by 10 percentage points among registered voters, 49 percent to 39 percent. The previous Yahoo News/YouGov poll found Biden ahead by just 6 points immediately after the Republican National Convention.

The results suggest that a week of unrelenting and unflattering revelations about Trump — from the Atlantic report on his alleged contempt for Americans wounded or killed in war (which appeared on Sept. 3) to Bob Woodward’s recordings of Trump admitting he downplayed the deadliness of COVID-19 (released on Sept. 9) — has damaged the president’s standing with voters.