Thursday fishing

Woke up to a overcast and windy day thursdsy but decided to give it a try anyway. As the boat was already loaded and ready to go
Put in the folly and seeing the whitecaps rolling quickly realized heading out the inlet or to the beach to let Roo play was not a option.
Headed in opposite direction in search of some new feeder creeks and oyster rakes to try.
Realized I had left bait at home so had to search out more....Banks were loaded with tiny shrimp everywhere as well as finger even managed to fill some ziplock bags in the cooler for Vaccum sealing for winter days.
Wish there had been some big enough to eat!
First few places..nothing but pinfish and a dink trout...and seemed the dolphin liked the same places I moved on and then found a small creek with signs of fish pushing as tide had dropped..
Bite was slow at first but as soon as the tide started coming up the reds feeding frenzy was on!
Nothing huge ..most in the 13 to 19 inch range.. but a lot of fun.for sure.
Caught a couple more small trout..and plenty more pinfish
All caught under cork.
Lost a couple rigs to the oyster demons...but that's a risk you take fishing where they are.
Wind died down around 3 and the sun actually tried to peak out..fished a bit longer then headed home.
Tired and hurting when we were finished.. but well worth it..
Broke a rod end, lost my favorite hat overboard to the wind..and it was quickly swallowed up by the current..hope it gets washed up and found by someone who will enjoy it as much as I didsmile
Being in the creek is like having life breathed into your lungs ,hesrt and soul.

Have you ever really looked at the mouth of a redfish......amazing eating machines
I've caught a few of these pieces of bottom.weed with Mudd rolled around it through the years..looks just like a string of split shotsmile

Took a picture of where the fish were for youbigsmile

miss'n fish'n

177scout sportsfisher

miss'n fish'n

177scout sportsfisher
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thumbsUpGood to see you out on the creeks again catching!