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Any good apps for surf/weather conditions? What do you guys use that’s reliable?

This is the site I have been using awhile more for surf and wave conditions. Pretty accurate, a couple days out. has the webcams of the pier.
I, also, use sailflow.

Ya know, it must be nice living in Neverneverland. Remind me to come visit you, when I need a break from reality.
Best way is to check all the cams and sites and make a decision based on a average of what they are reporting. Most of the time one of them is off compared to the others. For Sullivan's I used the harbor cams, folly has 4 cams and Edisto park has a surf cam.
Surfchex,. Sail flow, tides for fishing the local news weather reports and and radars are most of what I use to make my decision. Carry a little bit of gear for all conditions and your set either way. Also learn your areas. One of the perks of islands is there is always a area that's not as bad as the other.
Thanks for the advice fellas
I use the one dparker mentioned. It's usually pretty dead on.
Just a heads up ive tried surfcast and it has been completely wrong twice in a row. Right now it says 5 to 10 winds and 1 ft at 12 sailflow has 2ft @ 4 and 15 to 25 winds. I'm out here getting it handed to me. I'll never use it again. Would post comparable screen shots but this thing won't let me.

Just gonna send it

Usually this stops sunburn but today it stops wind burn.
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I have noticed all the beaches here can change from a calmer day to a really rough day pretty quickly and the other way around.