Fishing a Mixed Bag on the Wando


I head out to fish the out going tide on Thursday, October 17, 2019 before the weekend. I start out on the flats with Zman 4" jerk shads I caught 1 trout and must have caught 5 or more lizardfish. I wanted to get away from the trashfish, so I head up river to Juba flats. The bite was much better there, I caught several trout, a flounder and a bluefish. I switch over to topwater and had several big blowups. Then I hook into a nice bluefish at the end of the day. I lost a lot of trout on one of my jigheads. I think I must have caught to many fish on it and need to sharpen it.

17ft Ankona
30HP Tohatsu
28ft Scout
Twin Yamaha 250s

Enjoyed the video and like the looks of the lure...will try one.
Ona Mission
22 Pioneer