Tailer time

Went to the flat at the back of the creek to do some wade flats fishing. There was a nice size school of mid class reds. I'd say minimum 12 fish maybe 25 most where over 20 inches a few were probably pushing 30. As I worked my way back I had a lot of little hits and a few decent hits that mostly felt like trout. But I got one good hit and picked up a healthy 17 inch trout. As I made it back to were the reds were tailing and they stopped tailing as soon as I got back there. I threw a few cast and missed a few small flounder and looked for pushes, wakes and tails. It wasn't long and I saw a blue tip of a tail break the surface and I threw about 3 ft in front of it with a 3 inch slim swim in the deal color on a 1/16 ounce lucky strike jig. It picked it up almost instantly and took off. It ran a few laps all over and around the flat spooking every red around as it tried to bust me off on oyster clusters. I thought for sure I had one of the bigger reds but it was a fat 23 incher with a lot of fight in it. It was about twenty minutes until things calmed down and came back to life and it was fishable again. I had several flounder hold on to the bait and swim around with it but the hook would pull when I set it. I reeled one in all the way across the flat and it even swam side to side some and I thought it was small and didn't set the hook on it because I didn't feel much weight but when I got it close it opened it's mouth and let go of the hook. It was probably 18 to 20 inches. I see another blow up and wake and make a bad cast and hit on the head and it still ate it. It came in easy compared to the 23 but was a healthy 19incher. Threw a few cast and then got hung up and walked towards it to free it and spooked a flounder. While I was further in the creek I threw a cast and hooked a decent flounder and walked back to shore to land it. It was about 16.5 inches, left it on the bank and started working the area I spooked the flounder and caught a smaller one. A big school of big mullet came in and popping and jumping all over and I couldn't see the reds any more and the nats came out and the tide was coming in so it was time to go. Ended the day with 3 reds 3 flounder and a trout. Fished from around 2:30 to around 4:30. Most the fish I caught had shrimp whiskers hanging out there mouth. I've been on a hot streak of loosing good size flounder, I'm talking every big flounder I've hooked in the last year or so.
I kept a flounder and had me a fresh local never iced flounder that died 10 minutes before I ate it.

I think trout swim faster then reds but not harder if that makes sense

A mini beast, probably the strongest 25 and under red I've caught.

Dude isn't that the same fish.

One of these guys didn't make it. Caught one on mud and one on sand, can you tell which one?

When I filleted it, it was super skinny compared other flounder I've filleted this size
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You missed some jowl meat
Well done 40! Yea, that spottail in the second pic has some shoulders on it! Good stuff man!

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Fillet job wasn't my best. I should of sharpened my knife first. It was about as sharp as a butter knife or a spoon, add in that I didn't scale it I just skinned the fillets, it was a skinny fish and the fish never got the ice treatment, basically I made it harder then it should of been. Still tasted like flounder though, but not as good as the other type of flounder I caught this spring, it tasted like crab meat.