11/1 Report-St. Helena

Fished the Coosaw area and the sound and had a great day. Caught a slam with shrimp and shrimp imitations (vudu, gulp, etc.) on the bottom and on corks. More red drum than I can remember, about a dozen trout, and several flounder. All but a couple were keepers. The cleaner water was in the sound this time and that's where you needed to be. My partner even caught the spottail on a Tommy Garland crawfish bass jig. June bug color. They are hungry.

The colors on the flounder were lit up
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Very unusual. As a general rule there are no fish in Saint Helena sound. It is a dangerous place for boating with many hidden shoals and submerged sand bars. At least that's what we tell everyone from Charleston that wants to try fishing down here.

Good post and good catch.