2019 Season

Guys I have been doing this a long time - shrimping over bait that is. About as long as it has been a thing. I cannot remember a worse season ever...............at least for me. I am getting older and have had my share of issues but I can still sling the net and my equipment is better than it has ever been. This season has been a huge dissapointment.

By the lack of posts on this sit vs prior years I have to think that some others have had simialar luck.

Also worse season ever. I think I went 8 times to North end and/or Muddy. Worse day was 12 shrimp and the best was last Saturday with Sandshark and we caught1/2 cooler of mix. Probably caught 1.25 of a cooler all together. Only good thing about this year was that they were mostly med/large shrimp up until the last weekend
Agree, worst year in 25 years for me. Went one time early September, caught a cooler and never went back. Shrimp vanished. No clue what happened.
Not shrimping shrimping but from catching bait the shrimp seem to have finally showed up in decent numbers but they are still small. It's like they are three months behind.
Worst season for me because I only got to go out twice. 1st time I ended up with only 3 quarts of tails. Second time out I coolered out, but I had to work for them. I think it took about 15 runs. However, the worst part of the season was the $800 boat repair. Despite all of that, I am already looking forward to next season.
Went 5 times. Filled the cooler 3 times and got 3/4th twice. Never made more than 7 passes on a trip. Both of the times we got 3/4th of a cooler were last weekend and we could have easily coolered in another run or two but I don’t really care to shrimp at night so we packed up and headed home as the sun was starting to set. Best trip was the first.....27 casts and a 9 lbs triple tail was in the net on the 27th cast. Shrimp size was average first 3 trips and very nice last 2.
That’s pretty tough there 82,good job. I would always catch a flounder or two but never a triple tail.haha I quit when they started requiring a license but those small skrimps taste better IMO.
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Tried posting a pic of the full cooler and triple tail but obviously the new server is too smart for me
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All of this makes me feel better about my trip down. I thought we did OK, but maybe we did pretty good considering.....

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