Nov. 3

Went out with a couple guys on kayaks. Got out about an hour before high tide. No luck until the tide started to fall. Between the three of us we caught 2 flounder (1 keeper), 3 redfish (2 keepers), and some fish I have never seen before. Best way I can describe it was a cross between like a puffer and catfish? Weird. It was a cooler day and most I talked to weren’t doing very well with the weather change. Everything caught on Trout Eye jig head with Zman Diesel Minnowz in electric chicken. Tried some other colors but that was the only one producing for us. Trying to get back this weekend and see if it’s better on the lower end of the tide.

Good to see reports from up here at the North end.. I am guessing you were fishing the Cherry Grove Marsh? I've always had a lot better luck on the last half of the outgoing. And the first half of the incoming in the marsh. I'll probably get the kayak out. Now that most of the yahoos are gone. Get back in there and work some of the smaller creeks. Good report keep them coming.

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Yea it was cherry grove, my bad. I try to fish that area whenever I can so want to keep posting some reports. I have had better luck falling tides in the past as well, but with who I went with and family stuff it was the only time I could get out. It was nice out there Saturday. Not crowded at all. Going to try and get up more towards Dunn Sound/ behind Waites Island more. I fish exclusively from kayak up there.