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Last weekend went out and went down the creek that Bowens is on and caught an inshore(sort of) slam. Had good luck on cut mullet under corks near oyster beds for some small Reds just at and under the slot. Also had some small trout and then the substitute for the flounder was a lizard fish which I had never seen in all the years I've fished down here. With this front coming through ill be out this weekend at folly river looking for some nice reds for dinner. And if its to rough ill just grab some oysters. Always a big perk for the winter months, never go home empty handed.

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Seems like I've heard of and/or caught more lizard fish this year then ever before. Thanks for the report!thumbsUp

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Yeah I know I've seen alot of reports about those darn lizard fish!!! This is the first year I've seen them, Are they an invasive species? And if so should I start whacking them haha? Also went out this past weekend to Folly and caught a few nice trout and nothing else. My cousin got a real nice one way over the minimum length. They were on corks with live strip we caught around the grass. Its easy to catch nice bait shrimp now along the shore.

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F/V Tinny will live forever

F/V Tinny will live forever
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