New Charleston Fishing YouTube Channel

Hi everyone! I'm just starting out a new YouTube channel called "Make Time for Fishing" where I feature some of my fishing trips! I don't have a boat so it's all land-based and kind of everyday type fishing. I like all types of fishing including fly fishing, saltwater fishing and I've recently been really into ultralight freshwater fishing. I'm new to filming and especially to editing so there's a definite learning curve, but if anybody likes watching some relaxing fishing footage please check out my recent video and let me know what you think.

This one was an ultralight bass pond fishing trip:

I'm already planning on making intros and outros for my video where I talk to the camera and discuss what the plan is for the day then talking about what happened afterwards like what worked, what didn't, etc.

Any comments are appreciate whether it's critical or positive, this is all a learning experience and something I'm very new to. Thanks and have a great day! Remember to make time for fishing!