FMNF 11/8-11/9

I had taken Friday off but wasn't too thrilled with the morning forecast so I went late(wambaw) and still hunted/scouted a new area for Saturday's hunt. I walked a little over 2 miles through the woods before I finally found some larger red oak acorns and some deer droppings. I've checked over 50 swamp chestnut oaks and haven't found the first acorn under any of them. I only know of one white oak that is producing a few(hellhole). Went back to my spot in hellhole for the evening but saw nothing. Saturday morning had the perfect NE wind, a little more breezy than i'd like though. 7:45 AM and this young 5pt comes straight to the spot where I found the acorns/droppings. Never heard the deer coming due to the wind but he never knew I was there and made an easy 25 yard shot on him. Took about a mile hike to get to this spot but was only about 500 yard drag out straight to the road. Freezer's looking good now.


Nice acorn

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Sounds like you put in some work! Job well done

Capt. R. Killin
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Dang that's called doing work. I burned 2500 calories just reading that. Thank you sir.