Edisto Help

I've been gone from this site for a long time. I had a computer issue that blocked the site. It's great to be back and reading about everyone's days on the water.
As a life long saltwater angler of 47 years old, I'm going to take my first trip to Edisto next weekend. I know! 47 years in SC and I've never been.
I'd appreciate any help you fine folks can offer for that area. I'll be brand new to it
Thanks and tight lines!

Carolina Skiff 17
50 Yamaha

Are you surf fishing?

Jackson Wells
As you approach the beach the state park entrance is on your left , great surf fishing all the way to the inlet....

George McDonald
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author unknown
Sorry to be late in responding. We will have a boat with us

Carolina Skiff 17
50 Yamaha
fantastic fishing going on right now most everywhere around Edisto. Biggest issue is watching for all the sand bars and mud flats. My inlaws said live shrimp are getting a little harder to catch for bait in the creeks, but still some around. Steam boat landing, dawhoo, and live oaks landing will get you in plenty of good areas. Do a little Google Earthing before you go.

hope you have a great vacation and catch some fish!