Territorial Red Drum

Just some real data to share.....In the past 15 years, I have caught and released 105 previously tagged red drum from the lower Ashley River. These fish came from 6 general locations. All but 2 were previously released in the lower Ashley by DNR or regular anglers (1 came from Georgetown and 1 from the Stono). I caught 6 fish twice after intervals of 2 to 18 months and I caught 1 fish an incredible 3 years in a row before it grew up and was caught at the mouth of the Stono by another angler. This data, which comes from the DNR tagged fish reports, should illustrate the territorial nature of inshore red drum and the importance of not over-harvesting a particular location, especially with the increasing number of anglers.

Very cool data. Couldn't agree more with your statement in regards to over harvesting. We have to protect the resource for the next generation.

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Absolutely! Great post and its one of the biggest things to hit home amongst us taggers. Not only are they found year to year in the same general area, but often on the same piece of structure. I wholeheartedly agree that keeping your limit on the same structure over and over again will clear those fish out right quick. Let em go and catch em again.

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Poachers, avid meat fishers and some guides kill spots. I've seen it first hand over and over again. They will fish a spot till it no longer produces. I've caught the same red 3 or 4 times in a 6 month span on the same spot. I watched it go from like 14 inches to 18 or so all with broke off lines/hooks in it.
I've caught a number of the same fish that I have tagged over the years.. and as y'all said pretty much in the same area. I've had big red's that I have caught here in a little river. Recaptured in Charleston and Savannah. I have only caught 1 fish with a tag that I didn't tag. that was in Georgetown. And I did not have my glasses. I could not read the tag #.

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