Monday Funday

Slightly late report... took Monday off and went to try our luck. It was chilly and misty rain all day and we only saw the sun for mayne 3 mins, it was a good thing the fish decided to participate! Worked the incoming and did ok with a handful of dink trout and spottails. Right before high I found a few decent spottail. On the outgoing only more dink trout. We worked c rigs and poppin corks with mud minners with 3 to 4 ft leaders...popping corks won 9- 6 or so... the tide never left and was extremely high and I couldn't get back in under the trestle at westvaco so I had to drop my buddy off at the old Hess landing area and have him take the truck and trailer to Bushy (where I should have put in, in the first place lol). All in all it was a good day! Water cooling down fast now. Was 62 around 12 days ago, Monday it was 54.

Fishing Nerd

"No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool... nothing else."

...well, some fishing too!

Good stuff as always, brother.

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