First Time Out in Charleston

Yesterday was the first time I have had the boat out and been able to fish since before my daughter was born and we moved to Charleston last year. It was great to be back on the water and actually catch some fish. Put in at Remleys Landing at about 9:00 AM and fished the incoming tide until about 2:00 PM. Hit a couple little trout like this guy and missed a few other bumps. Fished artificial swimmers on trout eye jigs all day (Rootbeer & Chartreuse colors) . Explored up the Wando and a few of the creeks past the bridge. Boat ran like a champ after sitting for a year, already itching to get back out again.

Scout 175 Sportfish 90 HP Yamaha

Well done and welcome back to the water... I see you followed Optikers advice and took a day off to go to the river! thumbsUp

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...well, some fishing too!
Welcome to Charleston! ,and right on! Always good to catch some fish and have the boat run great! Thanks for the report!

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Congrats on getting back on the water. Keep catching 'em.

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Thanks, hope to see some of y'all out there!

Scout 175 Sportfish 90 HP Yamaha