11/26 on the pond

Don’t think the ocean could have been any flatter yesterday. Started the day in 160ish on a weed line we ran into with birds and fish busting. Got the two long rigger lines out and before I could get to the next rod the starboard line goes off. Ended up being a really nice blackfin. Got the spread back out and trolled the weeds for another 2 hours with nothing happening. We made the call to pull lines and jump over to some bottom numbers to pick up groceries. Had all the usuals show up plus a bonus flag yellowtail snapper and then got my personal best absolute monster of a scamp. Great day
and great crew, can’t wait to do it again.

Polar 2300 Twin Yamaha 150's

Polar 2300 Twin Yamaha 150's
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That's a good one! I believe I could even handle those waters thumbsUp

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That's a nice Scamp

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That's a stud!! You get a weight on that beast??

Beautiful water, sounds like a great day!

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Awsome day in November, Great fish!
Unfortunately we didn’t. Definitely wish I would have, it was a heavy fish that’s for sure.

Polar 2300 Twin Yamaha 150's
That is a beast. Congrats! How deep did you catch him?
We were in about 160ish

Polar 2300 Twin Yamaha 150's