2 for 1

When I took the shot there were three 8's, two 4's, and about 13 other does in the field. Decided on the largest doe. Shot went through her neck and then broke the spine of the second. Stoned both of them right there. 2 deer, 1 shot. 150 yards with my scout scope on my .308.

If the image comes through, the stand is centered in the top.


Good on you for neck shooting. Interesting thought - what does one do if they have no extra doe tags and have already used one?

Had 4 in the field today. 275-300 ish yards. Too far for a good shot. Decided to go on a stalk, that was fun. They moved towards a paved road and that's a no shot situation.

Have had deer in all kinds of locations where a shot wasn't possible, aggravating. Worst is a nice 10-point at 375 ish yards. Have it on camera at night, seen once in the day.

Pioneer 197SF
Truth is that I got lucky. My little scout scope probably maxed out at that range.