January Fishing

I've went fishing a couple times recently and so far this January's fishing has not been like January fishing. The warm weather and water has the trout hitting hard, running and jumping out the water and head shaking and the reds are pulling a little harder then usual and the sheep's action is good when you can find them biting, it might take a couple spots to find them though. In the creeks and rivers the trout have been hitting on the upper stages of the outgoing by the grass and on current breaks, the reds have been by the grass on higher tides and structure on the lower tides and the sheep's have been good on all tides once you find them, gotta find them first or it will be slow. Baits been popping the surface and jumping out the water. One trip the other day I caught black sea bass, black drum, sheepshead, trout, reds, toad fish and a odd for winter grunt and even lost a big flounder. I saw some dolphins strand feeding and a mink catch a 6 inch sea bass and swim it to the marsh flopping on the surface the whole way. That's a good variety of action for January. If you usually don't like January fishing that's ok because it hasn't been like January fishing. The water has been North and south of 60 and the fish are active and so are the bugs. I'd say give it a go before the end of the week because colder weathers coming. The tide doesn't really matter just change your targets and spots. No pics because salt water is not kind to phones.

I agree with everything you just said. Been a lot of fun thus far in January, magic hour has been the early stages of incoming tide on structure/docks etc... especially docks with oyster beds nearby. Pulled in 3 upper slot reds a flounder and a trout within 30 min on Thursday last week. No need for live bait either, Zman Minnowz in "The Deal" color has been a great choice, especially if you hit it with a little pro cure. Let it hit the bottom and give it a few twitches.

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Thanks for the report 40... I plan on making an afternoon trip tomorrow if I can!

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You got it 40. The trout bite has been a blast. This warmer weather has definitely supercharged them. Caught a mess of them Sunday. Several of them jumped completely out of the water. Hopefully the cold front coming in this weekend don't last long. Planned on going this morning but work got in the way. And what a beautiful morning it is. Y'all have a great day.

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Been a weird "season" for sure. Your story of seeing the mink was cool, one of my favorite things i've seen was an otter catching a rat red and pulling it up the bank for a tasty meal. Awesome stuff - you never know what you'll see.

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Hell of a Report! Thank you! C of C has kept me indoors but with a long 4 day weekend coming up, the fish (and ducks) better watch out!!!

Ill most likely try Folly River Saturday and if that doesn't hit ill go to the Wando. Either way ill be putting up a report from both!

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Went out this afternoon/evening for a little action and did a little sheepsheafing and then went to a flat and did some low tide wading and caught a few small flounder while trying to catch some reds. There was a pack of about 4 to 8 decent 20 to 35 inch reds prowling around but they were playing hard to get. Flicked a cast a short ways to where I thought a red would be and it hammered it and popped me off quick, it was one of the bigger ones. I tried for about an HR to get one to bite and I could see them feeding in the area but they just wouldn't hit my bait. Finally after about a thousand bug bites and right at last light I got one. It was one of the smaller ones but it fought super hard and did about 6 40 ft runs.

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Thanks for those pics 40" That should make any fisherman want to get out there! The oysters look fantastic.
Nice post and fish 40.. Been saying i am about to hit the road and come back down and fish the lower country and your post definitely make me want to.. Thumbs Up..thumbsUp