Does Folly Suck?

Went out and fished the rising tide with live shrimp and frozen mullet under corks around oyster beds and docks. once it was dead high, we went over near mosquito beach and fished those flats with corks out along edges and reed clumps in the open flat area. Also threw the fly rod with a coyote shrimp on and had no luck. Going to either Wando or IOP to fish the later today. Anybody else have any luck at Folly river or is it just not the best area to fish compared to the rest of Charleston?

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I went to Folly and fished 3 spots and caught reds at the red spot, trout at the trout spot and sheep's at the sheep's spot as ND there was a guy fishing trout at the red spot and he got on a steady bite but most were smaller then limit size but that spot gets picked over pretty good. Folly is not what it used to be but the good spots still produce just not like they use to. The big trout and reds have been reduced to small fish and the sheep's are mostly small as well. All are in lesser numbers than years ago. There is a lot more fishing pressure on folly these days and it's a relatively small area and many of the good spots are on the main river so they are easily found out by others if you fish them. The freeze a few years ago really hit folly hard and it's a slowed recovery from fishing pressure. I mostly fish there because it's close to home and I'm dialed in so I know where to go and when and what to do. I usually catch a fish in the first 3 cast at each spot, with artificials and it's guaranteed if you have bait. But I often see people fish the same spots I do and not do as well.
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Right on sir thank you. Yeah I had some spots that usually panned out every time last year but now they've seemed to have fizzled out. I live on the folly end of James so ill keep going because its convenient like you said! Thanks again for the reply tight lines to ya!

F/V Tinny will live forever
I quit trying Folly years ago. I am not dialed into Folly. Only ever caught baby shark there. Does Folly suck? Depends on who you ask I guess. clown
Check out my pics from Folly River Back in November.
Title "Folly River Weekend" Like any area Some days are better
than others but I usually catch fish there this time of year.
Next time you may wear them out!

Good fishing,