I.O.P. Report- 1/25

Folly does suck for me anyway. After deciding last weekend I was never fishing folly again, Me, my father, and a friend of mine loaded up my boat and headed to the IOP marina. We fished with trout swim jigs along with Corks baited with shrimp and finger mullet. On the oyster flats at dead high it looked amazing but no real action to talk about. It was when we concentrated on docks the action began. First dock dad landed a nice black drum and i missed something big that pulled the hook. After another hour, we found another dock in the back of a creek with multiple feeders surrounding it. Just before dead low while there was still water movement, it turned on and I bet we caught 20-30 Redfish that were all 14.5 - 16 inches. Those were caught on the Botton with the baits talked about earlier. All in all we filled out limits and took home a nice black drum. Also my friend in the picture is holding his first ever redfish! At that same dock he was using his fly rod with a crab and had a upper slot limit Red hit his fly but then ran him into oysters and broke him off. It was upsetting but awesome to see none the less. I will be back to IOP very soon!

F/V Tinny will live forever

Nice, you will be able to find that same school close to that dock and they will get bigger. The school will get smaller but fish size will go up. This fall they will be 16 to 20 inchers.
I was already thinking that same thing sir! ! We ate some of those fish last night and man they were good, but they'll be better when they're bigger!

F/V Tinny will live forever
First spottail and already had the hat, shoooot, that's well preparedthumbsUp

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