Fly Tying!

Recent fly tying. Steelhead flies and some for the Texas coast.


More tying.

Tied a couple of sand flea patterns and shrimp patterns up last week hoping to get a little time in the surf but that hasn't happened yet.

There is no greater fan of Fly Fishing Than the Worm!
Your flies looks great! I know how that is, seems every time I try to make plans to go, something changes them. boggled

I live right next to Lake Marion so fish the lake a lot more than I get to the coast, but this year, I haven't been fishing much at all. The virus had some effect when they closed everything, then it got hot & I wasn't inclined to get out there. I retired this year too, so playing catch up on a lot of things around the house. That never ends.

I am looking forward to doing some fishing, with the fall weather, even I don't do anything but drown some bait for catfish.
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