2/12 North IOP/South Bulls Bay

Longtime lurker on the site, just want to thank all the regular posters on here for being a great resource. Granted no replacement to learning/time on the water but y'all are a huge help and sincerely appreciate. Though far from an expert and prefer to stay below the radar, instead of constantly taking will make effort to contribute going forward.

Guys I fish with decided to do video channel on youtube so here is link to our Wed trip....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1OzPPWjddc

Great weather for 2/3 of trip, warm/light wind/57 degree water. Fished 10:30-4:30, last of incoming and most of outgoing, exceptionally higher tide than normal. Temps dropped 15 degrees and wind picked up around 2:30pm.

3 of us fished 4 spots throughout trip, docks/submerged structure. Threw numerous soft plastics and mirrolures and had 3 fish to show for it in 4.5 hours. Fortunately we had frozen shrimp onboard and as a last resort at the end of the trip switched over and had much better success (13 fish in last hour). Good variety of species...1 flounder, 2 black drum, 1 sheepshead, 1 trout (about 20", of course camera was off), and rest lower slot reds.

Know many of you take pride in solely fishing artificials but not too proud to say that the best thing about fishing is the catching and if that means bait, then so be it.

I've never heard that before! It takes a real man to admit.